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sun symbol Land and Water British Columbia Inc., Crown Land

wind power, LWBC, land, power projects, Crown Land, Fees, policy, industry, tenure, review, British Columbia, applications, Canadian, website.

Summary: Land and Water British Columbia Inc. will process your application in 140 days from the date of acceptance of your application.

LWBC is currently developing Wind Power on Crown Land policy.

The Industry Meeting Notes and Highlights (235kb), as well as the LWBC (368kb) and Environmental Assessment Office (124kb) presentations are provided for information.

Additionally, LWBC has provided Sample Tenure Documents for review and reference (Please note: the language in the sample documents is generic and under review for the purposes of wind power project land use).

LWBC is continuing to work with other agencies and industry in the development of the Wind Power on Crown Land policy.

Holberg wind farm

Holberg Wind Energy, Environmental Assessment, Wind Energy Project, Recommendations, Environmental Assessment Certificate, Enviromental Assessment Office, Reasons, Assessment Report, News, EAO Homepage.

Summary: Submission to the Public Review of BC Offshore Oil and Gas : Green Party of BC

gas, offshore oil, energy, environment, economy, exploration, sustainability, wind, climate change, fossil fuels, costs, revenues, Green Party, marine.

Summary: This presentation focuses on the big picture questions of this public Review Panel: namely, regarding whether or not the federal moratorium on offshore oil and gas activity should be lifted for the Queen Charlottes area and to examine the broad environmental and socio-economic impacts.

A front page article in today's Vancouver Sun covers an Environment Canada report that says "Canadians should brace themselves for weather that will become increasingly violent and extreme", including extreme temperatures, fires and floods, because of global warming.

The BC Green Party supports, instead, an energy strategy that develops currently untapped renewable ("green") energy sources and encourages increased energy conservation because these are more cost-effective and far more socially and environmentally sound.

BC Hydro - Environment - Green Power

energy, PDF, green power, green electricity, Hydro, producers, business, map, Resources, monitoring data, Wind, economy, communities, environment.

Summary: View a sample panel from the new Green Electricity Resources of B.C. map The complete map can be ordered from Canadian Cartographics.

One of BC Hydro's business objectives is to rank among the top 25% of North America's energy companies in terms of our sustainability performance.

We're promoting green energy development by acquiring energy from independent power producers.

And we have helped advance technologies that are new to B.C.

As well, we are offering Green Power Certificates  a product for business customers  to create market-driven demand for additional green electricity generation in B.C.

It's good for the environment and for communities  and it's good for B.C.'s economy as well.

BC Environmental Network

network, Members, sustainability, environmental organizations, funding, Sustainable Business Network, database, British Columbia, community, Funding Sources Directory, Environmental Funding Sources, Members-Only Service, Online Events Calendar, BCEN Online Events.

Summary: The BC Environmental Network (BCEN) is a network of community-based British Columbia environmental organizations.

Organizations within the Network advocate for environmental responsibility and community participation in activities leading to ecological sustainability.

Members are asked to renew and to please ensure that your information is current in the BCEN database.

Check out our Alternative News-Links and Media Resources page.

Please make your recommendations for the Sustainable Business Network, just complete the associate member application and click submit to send it to the BCEN office.

Download the most recent BC Environmental Report (Spring Edition).

List your event on the BCEN Online Events Calendar!

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