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sun symbol water protectionjaffray_rep Ground water is an essential and vital resource for many residents of British Columbia and provides numerous households with water for drinking and washing.
In recent years, events affecting ground water quality have heightened public awareness and concern about the importance and vulnerability of the resource.
Any addition of undesirable substances to ground water caused by human activities is considered to be contamination.
This legislation provides a detailed and comprehensive framework for drinking water protection.
Most of the legislation will be administered by the BC Ministry of Health Services and the Regional Health Authorities (Interior Health).
Ground Water Protection Regulations were passed under the provincial Water Act in July 2004. water, soils. groundwater This is the report from the second of the workshops, held March 21 and 22, 2002, and co-chaired by NWRI and the British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection.
Natural Groundwater Contamination - Not all substances in groundwater are harmful to human health are man-made substances. Canadian Framework for Collaboration on Groundwater - A National Ad-hoc Committee on Groundwater has developed a Framework focused on: acquiring a high standard of groundwater information and knowledge; improving communications and collaboration among all groundwater stakeholders; establishing effective linkages of groundwater information systems; providing a resource base accessible to all levels of government and stakeholders; and fostering national consistency with respect to groundwater standards, guidelines, qualifications of professions and drillers, and training. groundwater, science. 1.pdf NOTE: The concepts and ideas presented in this framework are the responsibility of the members of the National Ad Hoc Committee on Groundwater and do not necessarily represent the views of any government or nongovernment agency.
The Framework recognizes and strongly emphasizes the need to address the groundwater issues of Canada through close co-operation between federal, provincial, territorial, municipal, and First Nation governments.
acquiring a high standard of groundwater information and knowledge; improving communications and collaboration among all agencies and organizations involved in groundwater activities; establishing effective linkages of groundwater-information systems; and providing a resource base accessible to all levels of government for the development of groundwatermanagement policy.
Canada's valuable groundwater resources are very significant, but groundwater is less known and understood than surface water because it is hidden from view.
The Framework will address the groundwater quantity and quality priorities in each jurisdiction, so as to include regional concerns.
Provincial ministries of environment and other provincial agencies, as well as federal agencies such as Natural Resources Canada and Environment Canada, have expertise in groundwater studies.
One of the greatest challenges for the Canadian Groundwater Advisory Council (CGAC) is defining its scope.
A National Groundwater Inventory doesnot have to be a stand-aloneproject. Rather,itcouldbebuiltby provincial and national agencies in the course of discharging their regular obligations through the adoption of a standardized workflow. The standardized workflow would bedesigned to generate the data for the Inventory as a byproduct of regular government activities.
Canada's groundwater resources are threatened by a variety of natural and anthropogenic activities.

Those that address specific and localized problems Those that support longterm and regional ground water-resourceassessments Monitoring programs that address¬ specific and localized problems¬ or issues are typically very local¬ ized within the vicinity of the¬ problem, and monitoring is rela¬ tively short term, being under-¬ taken only for the duration of the¬ problem. groundwater, industry.   Drinking Water - Public Health Protection The Drinking Water Program provides expert advice to Health Authorities, and develops legislation, guidelines and policies on drinking water.
To deliver on its commitment, the provincial government has consulted across jurisdictions and ministries to establish a comprehensive framework for the protection of drinking water and public health.
British Columbia is committed to improving and protecting the province's drinking water system.
The Drinking Water Protection Regulation has been amended (PDF 31.7KB) to defer certification requirements for operators of small water supply systems. Environmental Health Protection Programs are administered locally by Medical Health Officers and Environmental Health Officers, who are responsible for direct service delivery in BC's Health Authorities. drinking water, legislation. Drinking Water Protection Act Subject to the regulations, a drinking water officer may, in writing, delegate to any person a power or duty of the drinking water officer under this or another enactment.
may be paid remuneration in accordance with the directives of Treasury Board, if the person is not an employee under the Public Service Act.
A water supplier must ensure that a laboratory conducting monitoring analyses under this section is aware of the applicable standards and requirements established by the regulations and the operating permit for the water supply system. In addition, a water supplier who receives notice under subsection (1) must give immediate notice to the drinking water officer advising that the water supplier has been notified by the laboratory as required by this section. regulations, drinking water officer. About Dry Coolers Inc. We can tackle any type of cooling system from lasers to distillation equipment and compressors to truck-mounted mobile units.
Efficient design and advanced engineering place Dry Coolers Inc. a step ahead of your ever changing industrial processing demands.
From initial contact through the stages of detailed quotations, start-up advice, warranty repairs and spare parts, our knowledgeable sales and service engineers work to provide friendly and competent assistance to our customers.
Our experience and expertise in the field of industrial process cooling equipment means you get reliable, efficient and proven systems which are thoroughly engineered, tested and skid-mounted in a compact package. Small shop jobs, Fortune 500 companies, and many military and government installations have made Dry Coolers their number one choice for process cooling equipment. cooling system, government.

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