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Vancouver to Seattle


Top Venture Capital Firms In British Columbia Banyan Capital Partners

: investments, Banyan, private, investment management.

Outline: Banyan Capital Partners is a private equity/venture fund headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia with offices in Calgary and Seattle.

The principals at Banyan have a proven track record, significant experience, valuable relationships and are committed to building long-term value in our portfolio companies.

We have been directly involved in over 50 private equity/venture capital investments, numerous IPOs and private and public financings, have acted on both sides of several mergers and acquisitions and have sat on a combined 40 Boards of Directors.

Our experience has been in both Canada and the US.

The Group includes Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management, one of Canada's largest independently owned investment managers with over 20 years of experience of investing in leading Canadian and US companies.

About Us: BDC Venture Capital - seed equity for high potential businesses in Canada

: Investments, technology, Winners, selection criteria Fund.

Outline: BDC Venture Capital is a major venture capital investor in Canada, active at every stage of a company's development cycle, from start-up through expansion.

Its focus is on technology-based businesses with high growth potential that are positioned to become dominant players in their markets.

BDC Venture Capital has been involved in venture capital since 1975 and has invested in more than 400 different companies.

It currently manages over $400 million in venture capital assets and almost 100% of its portfolio is invested in the areas of life sciences, telecommunications, information technology and advanced technologies.

d i s c o v e r y : : c a p i t a l

: technology, TSX, technology venture, business.

Outline: Established in 1986, Discovery Capital is one of Canada's most experienced technology venture capital firms.

Discovery Capital has enhanced value for over 250 early-stage technology companies by providing proven expertise in strategic planning, management development, innovative financing strategies, corporate governance, and positioning for liquidity.

Discovery Capital focuses primarily on the enhancement of B.C.-based technology ventures, in the information technology, communications, health & life sciences, and advanced technologies sectors.

With over $27 million raised incrementally since then, Discovery Capital has grown the funds' market value significantly, realizing gains through several IPOs and sales of Investee Companies.

Discovery Capital expects to continue its successful track record in venture capital investment and fund management with its roster of Investee Companies.

Encompass Ventures

: investment, Encompass Ventures, portfolio companies, partners.

Outline: Encompass Ventures is a Pacific Northwest-based venture capital firm.

It invests in early stage information technology companies in the Western United States.

Encompass Ventures has consistently achieved superior returns on investment by adhering to a disciplined investment strategy practiced by experienced partners.

Encompass Ventures has developed an extensive network which assists its portfolio companies with international business development in the Asian and European marketplaces.

This experience is crucial for setting the firm's investment strategy.

Moreover, each of the Managing Partners have been founders and chief executive officers of their own businesses, enabling them to partner effectively with the management teams of their portfolio companies. -- Investing in the future of British Columbia

: Fund investing, management team, technology, British Columbia.

Outline: Life Sciences; Information Technology; Communications; Advanced Manufacturing; and Alternative Energy.

Our mission is to help talented entrepreneurs build great technology companies.

The management team of FutureFund Capital consists of a highly respected, experienced group of professional venture capital investors.

The purpose of the Fund is to create long-term capital appreciation for shareholders.

Strong proprietary intellectual property; A talented experienced management team; A leadership position in high-growth markets; and Are located in the Province of British Columbia.


: investments, Internet, applications, business.

Outline: As the Internet continues its explosive growth, we believe terrific opportunities await new generations of IP-focused applications, platforms and service providers.

Successful entrepreneurs will fundamentally understand, and seek to improve upon, user experiences in both consumer and business markets.

The growing demand for ever-present wireless Internet access will drive requirements for innovative solutions for next generations of these smart devices.

We see the potential and possibilities in the rapidly expanding field of wireless communications as virtually limitless.

Greenstone's preference is to lead investment rounds in Canada and the Western U.S. but we will consider investments outside of this area with syndicate partners where appropriate.


: investment, GrowthWorks, fund, Partnering.

Outline: GrowthWorks is a recognized leader in venture capital and fund management with proven expertise in raising and investing capital.

Managing several funds, including the largest venture capital fund in BC, with close to $700 million in assets, GrowthWorks has substantial capital resources and expertise.

GrowthWorks has a team of skilled and knowledgeable investment professionals with a combined 200 years of experience.

We specialize in information technology, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and early stage investing.

Partnering with over 80 entrepreneurial companies with the joint goal of helping them reach their market leader potential, GrowthWorks commits actively to the companies we invest in.

MDS Capital Corp.

: investment, management, financing, business.

Outline: Its objective is to become involved with entrepreneurs and scientists who have developed at least the basic and elements of innovative products or services and who require the kinds of financial, managerial and other support MDS Capital Corp. is uniquely suited to provide.

More Than Money Too often, promising new ideas fail to realize their potential because the scientists and business people who have the ideas lack the managerial know-how, the network of contacts and the business credibility necessary to bring their projects to fruition.

MDS Capital Corp. was specifically created to provide these missing ingredients, as well as to provide equity financing during the developmental and early growth stages.

An Active Partner MDS Capital Corp. makes minority and majority equity investments, and in most cases, it is closely involved with the management of the company in which an investment is made.

MM Venture Partners - About Us

: partnership, venture, technology companies, GATX Corporation.

Outline: GATX/MM Venture Partners is a $250 million Canadian partnership between GATX Financial Corporation, a unit of GATX Corporation (NYSE: GMT) and MM Venture Partners.

The Partnership provides venture debt and equity financing to early and mid-stage Canadian information technology and biotechnology companies.

This combination of capital is in direct response to emerging companies' needs for capital that is less dilutive, less intrusive and less controlling.

Together, we possess over 50 years of experience in operating and financing emerging, high-growth technology companies.

GATX/MM's portfolio currently includes thirty-six investments totaling over $120 million, with a targeted investment program (including follow-ons) of $40-50 million annually.

RBC Capital Partners - Strategy

: investments, RBC, firm, industry.

Outline: RBC Capital Partners is the private equity investment arm of RBC Financial Group.

The focus of the firm is North America, although on an exception basis, non-North American companies may be financed if there is a substantial nexus to North American capital markets.

Typically the firm focuses on early stage investments in technology and life sciences; a broad range of companies in the energy and telecommunications industries; and mature, but growing companies that require equity or mezzanine debt.

We actively seek to add value to our investments - building on our significant experience in our focus areas as well as a substantial number of current and past portfolio companies.

The firm's professionals are drawn from industry and private equity backgrounds that allow for substantial industry knowledge in the focus areas.

Ventures West - About Us - Profile

: venture, investment, technology companies, entrepreneurs.

Outline: We are the preferred venture capital partner for many of Canada's serious, high-growth technology companies.

With more than $400 million under management, we address the needs of companies through all phases of development -- from the time an idea is seeded by a creative visionary to the point where the successful enterprise becomes self-sufficient.

Our investment team has years of venture and operating experience that can be tapped by our entrepreneurs.

We have high standards for the kinds of investments to which we will commit, for the management team, for the required market opportunity and for the performance of the investment.

A common desire to build market leading enterprises has helped us build strategic partnerships with more than 100 technology companies.

Working Ventures - Investing in Canada's Entrepreneurs - Fund Info

: Working Ventures, investment, fund, Canadian.

Outline: Working Ventures has backed over 200 Canadian entrepreneurs with venture investments totaling over $700 million since our inception in 1990.

Today, Working Ventures plays a vital and leading role in providing investment capital and value-added business advice to Canada's leading entrepreneurial ventures.

At Working Ventures, we believe that individual investors should seek advice from a full-service investment advisor when making financial and investment decisions.

Working Ventures offers individual investors two great venture investment choices, Working Ventures Canadian Fund and Working Ventures II Technology Fund.

To get more information, click on "WV Canadian Fund" or "WV II Technology Fund" in the menu bar.

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