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Top Telecommunications Companies In British Columbia 360networks | About Us

: network, North America, telecommunications, fiber.

Outline: 360networks Corporation is a broadband network services provider with an extensive and technologically advanced fiber optic network.

We offer telecommunications services and network infrastructure in North America to telecommunications and data communications companies.

Our North American optical mesh fiber network is one of the largest and most advanced on the continent, spanning approximately 25,000 miles (40,000 kilometers) and connecting 48 major cities in Canada and the United States.

Alcatel Builds Next Generation Networks...

: Alcatel, networks, service providers, mobile.

Outline: Alcatel designs, develops and builds innovative and competitive communications networks, enabling carriers, service providers and enterprises to deliver any type of content, such as voice, data and multimedia, to any type of consumer, anywhere in the world.

Relying on its leading and comprehensive products and solutions portfolio, stretching from end-to-end optical infrastructures, fixed and mobile networks to broadband access, Alcatel's customers can focus on optimizing their service offerings and revenue streams.

With sales of EURO 25 billion in 2001, Alcatel operates in more than 130 countries.

News from the Transport Automation Solutions (TAS) business unit.

All rights reserved © Copyright 2003 Compagnie Financière Alcatel, Paris, France.

Alpha Technologies : Profile

: power, communication, Alpha, cable television.

Outline: Alpha understands this power and has built a company and set of strategies that exceed today's power requirements, while reflecting tomorrows power goals.

As long as there is a need for communication, there is a need for reliable power.

These products - which still comprise a significant portion of Alpha's total business - provide critical power conditioning and emergency backup to cable television delivery networks.

Rapid growth in global communications, and the critical connection between system power and overall network reliability, created a strong demand for Alpha's products across a wide array of communication applications.

Currently Alpha has sales and service centers in the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Australia with more than 1,000 employees and 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space worldwide.

Argus Technologies - Corporate Profile

: Argus, power systems, panels, sales.

Outline: Argus Technologies was established in 1986 as a member of the Alpha group of companies, a leading producer of power systems for computers, cable TV and telecommunications.

Argus introduced the first commercial 48 volt, 100 amp switch mode rectifier in 1988 and since then has sold over 1/4 million units worldwide.

Argus Technologies is a privately owned company with corporate headquarters in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

The company is divided into three major operating units: manufacturing; research and development; sales and marketing.

Products include: complete DC power systems, rectifiers, DC-DC converters, DC UPS equipment, and a variety of electronic components (i.e. monitoring/control panels, distribution centers, fuse/breaker panels, etc.)


: Glentel, wireless, communications, satellite.

Outline: Glentel was founded in 1963 with the goal of providing wireless communications capabilities to all Canadians.

No other company offers the full range of wireless services across Canada: from paging and cellular, to two-way radio and wireless data, and now satellite communications.

Glentel is Canada's only "one-company National Full Service Provider of mobile satellite services.

Only Glentel can offer your business a truly integrated nationwide service and support system: from selection of hardware at one of over 200 certified dealers, to 24 hour customer service, to accurate and comprehensive billing, and after-sale service.

Glentel is headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia and trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol GLN.

Group Telecom - Acceptable Use Policy

: Group Telecom, violation, Customer, AUP.

Outline: We have established our AUP to prevent unacceptable uses of our services and equipment and to ensure that we are able to provide the level and quality of services our customers expect.

"Customer" includes any organization, individual, company, or other entity and their agent or affiliate, to which Group Telecom (directly or indirectly) provides services ("GT Services").

GT Services must not be used in creating, facilitating, or attempting, the intentional or unintentional criminal or civil violation of federal, provincial or other applicable law or regulation.

GT Services must not be used in creating, facilitating, or attempting (successfully or unsuccessfully) the violation of the security or integrity of a network, service or other system of Group Telecom or others.


: wireless, mdsi, mobile, support.

Outline: MDSI is a world leader in the development of wireless workforce management software.

Founded in 1993, the company has operations and support offices in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Today, MDSI services over 100 major blue-chip customers and has wirelessly enabled more than 80,000 mobile users around the world.

MDSI's flagship product, Advantex, is a wireless application that schedules, assigns and wirelessly dispatches work orders to technicians in the utility, telecommunication, broadband, field service and insurance industries.

MDSI is the most experienced and trusted wireless applications company operating today.

No other company can claim a client base, implementation track record, roster of actively supported mobile workers, list of strategic partners, or production history equal to ours.


: wireless, wireless telecommunications, Canadians, communicate.

Outline: Since we began offering our services in 1996, we've carved out a distinctive niche in the Canadian wireless industry.

We're proud of the contributions we've made to the evolution of wireless telecommunications and fast mobile data connectivity---tools that were once beyond the reach of most Canadians are now an increasingly integral part of our everyday lives.

Our innovative products, service offerings and airtime packages have changed the face of wireless telecommunications in Canada---and helped to change the way people communicate.

It has often been said that wireless communications are the wave of the future.

At Microcell, we believe the future has arrived.

Motorola Canada Ltd.

: Motorola, display, Radios, Accessories.

Outline: Includes 2 T5420 Radios, 2 rechargeable Nicd Batteries and a dual-pocket Desktop Charger.

The perfect addition to your outdoor activities or next family outing.

Also check out our full selection of other fine Motorola Accessories For both FRS and Cellular!

Motorola's i95cl brings size, value and performance in liquid crystal display to a new level.

Stylish and versatile the vibrant color display can be changed in a snap with fun colorful wallpaper backgrounds that are easily accessible.

You can also customize your display settings and select from various color palettes.

The new Motorola V70: MOTOSTYLE for the fashion conscious.

Motorola, Inc. Montreal-based Software Development Centre at Top of Canadian Software Production Landscape.

Navigata Communications - ABOUT US

: Navigata, career, partner, Discover.

Outline: Navigata has a long history of serving businesses across Canada with effective telecommunications solutions.

We continue to meet customers' expectations through our commitment to build next-generation services that keep us on the leading edge of technology and our dedication to provide a superior customer experience.

Corporate Profile Learn more about Navigata's history and background.

Our Network Discover the reach of our extensive network.

Testimonials Our best salespeople don't even work for our company.

Why Navigata Discover why thousands of businesses across Canada chose Navigata as their telecom partner.

Affinity Programs Exclusive benefits for members of organizations or groups.

Career Opportunities Establish your career with Navigata.

Norsat Ku, C, Ka Band LNBs, Transmitters, DVB-RCS Satellite Equipment

: Norsat, satellite, innovation, delivery.

Outline: Canadian-based and publicly-traded (Nasdaq/TSX), Norsat has built a strong reputation in satellite technologies, serving consumers and businesses with infrastructure products and networks since it began operating as Northern Satellite Systems in 1978.

Future applications for this new and innovative terminal are foreseen in the delivery of medical and education services in locations where no infrastructure exists or where it has been damaged.

Our newest portable products may not only revolutionize work habits and security technologies, but can make an important contribution in narrowing the third world "information gap" and in delivering much-needed medical services, information and knowledge where they have not been delivered before.

Norsat's plans are to continue to deliver innovative new solutions to meet our customers' needs for the next quarter century.

Norsat OmniLink? terminals are ultra-portable and light-weight, but offer the same performance as products twice their size.


: PMC-Sierra, Metropolitan Access Networks, Frame Relay, SONET/SDH.

Outline: PMC offers the most comprehensive family of 64-bit MIPS-based processors on the market today, designed with the optimal speed, power and cost solution for your application. | About Rogers | Privacy Policy

: Rogers, Rogers sites, professional publications, consumer magazines.

Outline: Learn about our company history, read about our companies today and get everything in between.

You can read how we are committed to supporting the communities we serve as well as details on the various sports and cultural events that we are involved inthrough sponsorship.

If you're from the Media or you'd like to read Rogers' news releases, visit our Newsroom for all media-related information.

If you're looking for financial information, please visit Investor Relations.

If you'd like to get info about our radio stations, consumer magazines and professional publications, or want to visit more Rogers sites, you're in the right place.

Wireless Signal Processing and Packet-Voice Processing - Spectrum

: signal processing, customer, network, communications.

Outline: Company Profile Spectrum Signal Processing Inc. (TSX: SSY, NASDAQ: SSPI) designs and manufactures industry-leading high performance signal processing engines and subsystems that acquire, process and transmit signals for wireless signal processing and packet-voice applications.

Our flexComm products enable government agencies to perform signals intelligence activities more effectively and accurately, allow different military units to securely communicate with each other by changing communications protocols in real-time, and provide commercial satellite and cellular service providers with the ability to offer expanded services.

We set ourselves apart from the competition through our high performance and high-density signal processing technology, our market-speed solutions, and our customer focus - from our customer support and training to our flexible approach to customer needs through custom solutions.


: Sprint, Call-Net Enterprises, business, Sprint Canada.

Outline: With headquarters in Toronto, Sprint Canada operates in 17 locations across the country.

Call-Net Enterprises Inc. is a publicly owned, leading Canadian integrated communications solutions provider of data, e-business and voice services to businesses and households.

In 1993, Call-Net and Sprint Communications Company L.P. of the United States (Sprint U.S.) formed an alliance to bring the benefits of Sprint's branding to the rapidly developing Canadian market.

In exchange for a 25% non-voting equity stake in Call-Net Enterprises, Call-Net received rights to use the Sprint U.S. name, marketing programs, network and technology.

It has been instrumental in bringing competition to the Canadian long distance and local service markets and has achieved a solid base of residential, small business and Enterprise (large business) and Carrier Services (Wholesale).


: TELUS, investment, community, seminars.

Outline: View annual report, stock quotes, shareholder information, investment profile and much more.

Information for the media - news releases, events, speeches and corporate profile information.

Browse current career opportunities, view corporate information and apply for jobs online.

Community investment program, sponsorships, TELUS funds and employee community program.

Information on new area codes, service issues, environmental policies, tariffs and much more.

TELUS offers a wide range of seminars on various industry topics.

More about TELUS' charitable and Ventures investment funds.

Changes and advancements in TELUS' network technology.

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