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On the user fee side of the figure are payments for government services such as camping fees at a provincial park, paid to the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks.
If revenue from environmental taxes were used to reduce income taxes in a full and transparent recycling, then two objectives are met simultaneously by the environmental tax shift: a cleaner environment and reduced income taxes.
Finally, the bottom of the figure shows that the environmental tax revenue could be used to augment general government revenues in order to pay down public debt; or increase government expenditures on education, health care, social services, the environment, infrastructure or other general budget areas. environment, regulations. NewstechInvestorPresentation2 Norske, EBITDA. NONR - Pulp and Paper Canadian Pulp and Paper Association You are invited to explore this site and discover the pulp and paper industry.
Recycled Pulp and Paper Coalition This web site was created with cooperation and assistance of the following organizations: Buy Recycled Business Alliance of the National Recycling Coalition, National Office Paper Recycling Project, Environmental Defense Fund, Recycled Paper Coalition, Northeast Recycling Council, and theRecycled Pulp & Paper Coalition. International Wood Fibre Report The woodfiber segment of the pulp and paper industry is undergoing tremendous change, and Pulp & Paper Week has responded with a brand-new monthly newsletter to keep executives informed and ready to make effective business decisions. pulp, stock. Harpers Recycling Paper Pickup A new service recently added at Harper's Recycling is our office paper pickup service.
If your office is needing a way to remove recyclable paper products, give us a call. We can supply plastic totes and will remove the material for a service fee. Recycling, supply plastic totes. About Pulp Pollution and Making Clean Paper The pulp and paper industry is one of the largest and most polluting industries in the world; it is the third most polluting industry in North America.
There are about 500 kraft mills, and many thousands of other types of pulp and paper mills, in the world.
Primary concerns include the use of chlorine-based bleaches and resultant toxic emissions to air, water, and soil. Pulp and paper is the third largest industrial polluter to air, water, and land in both Canada and the United States, and releases well over a hundred million kg of toxic pollution each year (National Pollutant Release Inventory, 1996). mills, tonnes. Douglas College Green Team - Paper Recycling page Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Paper is not garbage.
You can toss everything listed here in your office recycling box.
More good news: You don't have to remove paper clips, metal fasteners, staples, rubber bands, tape, press-apply labels, plastic tabs, plastic spirals or wire spirals from the paper you recycle.
Need more recycling boxes for your area?
Call local 4552 to have a Building Service Worker bring them to you. To get your recycling box emptied, put the full box in the hallway at the end of the day on Friday, or take it down to the loading dock any time during regular office hours. recycling, recycling boxes. British Columbia In recent years, global changes in the environment (e.g., acid rain, depletion of the ozone layer, global warming) and increasing rates of resource extraction (e.g., forest harvesting, conversion of wildlands to agriculture and residential development) have raised serious ethical and utilitarian concerns over the disappearance of entire ecosystems, species, and the genetic diversity of animal and plant populations.
Lorelei Norvell sent data from her master index for Pacific Northwest fungi.
Given the incompleteness of the study of British Columbia macrofungi (with the possible exception of those in old-growth coastal forests) it is not possible to designate any particular region as critical using species inventories as indicators.
Based on limited information, potentially rare species are listed for each ecoregion in British Columbia.
Out of the four species flagged as rarely recorded, three are from the extensive Moberly Marsh adjacent to the Trans-Canada Highway: Hemimycena cyphelloides, Marasmius caricis, and Mycena tubarioides.
The last is known only from this area and adjoining valleys in Glacier National Park.
1885 Auriscalpium vulgare S.F. Gray 1821 Basidiodendron caesiocinerea (H¨ohnel & Litsch.) Luck-Allen 1963 Basidiodendron cinerea (Bres.) Luck-Allen 1963 Basidiodendron eyrei (Wakef.) Luck-Allen 1963
& Galzin) G.W. Martin 1949 Chaetodermella luna (D.P.
Agaricus smithii This species, per se, has not been reported from British Columbia, but western authors had previously been using the name Agaricus perrarus for the species.
Redhead 1987b Goward & Hickson 1989 also as Amanita muscaria var.
Species in this genus are sometimes treated under the generic name Armillaria. This is a large genus monographed worldwide by Smith & Singer (1964). British Columbia, Canadian. AIT - Faculty Directory Post-Doctorate, Pulp processing, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; 1996.
D. Fiber and Paper Science, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; 1994.
Nazhad, M.M., 'The influence of refining energy and intensity on restoring bonding potential of an OCC pulp', Appita Journal, May (2004).
The role of fiber surface condition on paper strength.
Nazhad, M.M., "Is frayed-fiber a typical consequence of low consistency industrial refining?", The third Biennial Johan Gullichsen Colliquim, Helsinki, Finland, September (2001). Scholarship, Recycling Project, McMillan Bloedel Company, Vancouver. Canada, Upgrading.
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