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Welcome to the design and fashion industry association.
industry, membership, apparel, textile, trade, ongoing, data processing, voicemail, freight forwarding, transportation, gasoline purchases, car rentals, office supplies, group insurance, merchant credit cards.
Participation in a professional industry association has become more important than ever, in the rapidly changing economic and political times in which business is obliged to trade.
Members receive up-to-date information on marketing, textile development, fashion retailing, trade and commerce, trend forecasting and design, and quality control / production.
Dual membership benefits, through our association with The Canadian Apparel Federation, in Ottawa, provide association members with a strong, issue-based Eastern advocate.
Revised and improved CAF negotiated discount programs for merchant credit cards, group insurance, office supplies, car rentals, gasoline purchases, transportation and freight forwarding, voicemail and data processing, are ongoing.

the Better Business Bureau of Mainland BC
Business, Business Bureau, Reliability, helping, advertising, Columbia, private, consumers, reports, Internet, consumer trust, voluntary self-regulatory program, trustworthy businesses online, helping Web users, Program Helping Web.
Company Reports The Better Business Bureau collects and reports information to help you make informed decisions before dealing with businesses or charitable organizations.
The Better Business Bureau of Mainland B.C. serves all of British Columbia except Vancouver Island, the Peace River District and the Columbia Valley.
Back in 1906, the Coca-Cola Company was one of a number of companies hauled into court to answer charges of false advertising.
Reliability Seal Program Helping Web users find reliable, trustworthy businesses online, and helping reliable businesses identify themselves as such, through a voluntary self-regulatory program that promotes consumer trust and confidence on the Internet.

BC Biotech Internet - Mission and Objectives Biotech, industry, government, information services, networking, advocate, membership, growth, British Columbia, education, voice, facilitates, industry association, Mission, enables British Columbia.
On behalf of its membership, BC Biotech promotes and facilitates the development of a strong commercial biotechnology industry in BC.
In turn, BC Biotech increases their ability to network and gather information on an international basis, and represents their views to the general public and government.
An agent for change, BC Biotech works to improve the climate in which the business of biotechnology is conducted in BC.
As the provider of valuable marketing, networking, education, and information services, BC Biotech actively contributes to the success of individual companies and, ultimately, to the growth of the BC biotechnology industry as a whole.

BCFCA: About Our Association
members, industry, floor covering, BCFCA membership, commit, discount programs, education, seminars, construction industry, Membership Directory, satisfaction, customers, Conflict Resolution Disagreements, networking opportunities, inspection.
To encourage greater use of floor coverings in the construction industry and by the general public.
To promote and maintain good relations between members, architects, government, and all consumers.
We commit to serving all of our members in an effective, timely and courteous manner; and continually searching for new ways to improve and new ways to add value to the products, programs and services we provide for our members.
To enhance the floorcovering industry in British Columbia, the BC Floor Covering Association is committed to providing seminars and educational programs, important inspection and value-added services as well as networking opportunities for its members.
One of the best ways to take advantage of your BCFCA membership is through our great discount programs.

B.C. Maritime Employers Association
employers, labour relations, industry, membership, marine, communications, transportation, reform, Despatch, Vancouver, plan, responsibility, FETCO, Canada, regulatory.
The British Columbia Maritime Employers Association (the "Association") is an unaccredited employers association currently consisting of seventy-one (71) member companies.
The Association staff, on behalf of the Association's membership, interact daily with representatives of the various Union Locals and the Canadian Area office of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (the "Union").
The Association handles day-to-day labour relations matters such as Collective Agreement administration, discipline, grievances and arbitration hearings.
The Association works with the Waterfront Employers of B.C. in providing payroll services and the compilation and distribution of statistical information for the industry.
Additionally, the Association actively participates in Transportation Associations such as the Federal Employers Transportation and Communications (FETCO), the Western Marine Community (WMC), and the Greater Vancouver Gateway Council (GVGC).

BCPIA On the net!
discount, industry, BCPIA, litres, fuel, management, GATF, CPIA, members, savings, Petro-Canada, sheet, reports, Scholarships, publications.
The BCPIA's goal is to make its members more Profitable!
Through an agreement with Petro-Canada members can reap significant savings on fuel and maintenance costs.
Save 1.6 cents per litre off the pump price when you have a minimum volume of 400 litres per month.
Families or companies can have a number of cards on one account as long as the minimum reached is 400 litres in total per month.
Members in this program also receive a 5 % discount on parts and labour at CERTIGUARD locations...all this and you still can collect your regular Petro-Points.
The program also includes detailed fuel and summary reports.

BC Progress Board
Progress Board, economy, government, benchmarks, Premier, report, selection, British, agencies, Statistics, Board members, ongoing, competitive position, improving, advice.
The BC Progress Board, established by the Premier in July 2001, is an independent panel of 15 senior business executives and academic leaders Chaired by David Emerson, President and CEO of Canfor Corporation.
What the BC Progress Board is about is improving the economy and strengthening the base for our social policy supports.
Credible third party statistical agencies such as Statistics Canada, BC Stats, and the US Census Bureau have been used.
The aim is to assist the Board with its benchmarking work and in its role to provide the government with advice on how to improve BC's economic performance and provide a sound financial basis for funding health, education and other government programs.

About the BCTFA
tuna, industry, competing, consumer, harvesting, marketing, fish, BCTFA, voice, health, consumer niche, seafood products, promoting, community, mindful.
The BC Tuna Fishermen's Association (BCTFA) was established in 2000 to help develop, promote and safeguard the interests of the BC tuna industry and its participants.
Canadian tuna fishermen are competing in a global industry.
That's why the BC Tuna Fishermen's Association is dedicated to developing a competitive BC industry - one founded on best practices for harvesting, distribution and marketing.
The BCTFA is helping to develop an industry that is mindful of consumer demands and community concerns - promoting our industry's fish and seafood products to consumer niche markets that are increasingly driven by quality issues, health issues and environmental concerns.

BCVMA - Mission Statement
veterinarians, British Columbia, members, regulating, professional development, education, advocacy, veterinary medicine, Ethics, BCVMA By-Laws, Veterinarians Act, veterinary practice, acceptable standards, ensuring, ethical behaviour.
The British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association promotes the well-being of animals in British Columbia.
The Association is committed to serving the public by regulating the proficiency, competency and ethical behaviour of its members and by ensuring that acceptable standards of veterinary practice are maintained.
The Veterinarians Act and the BCVMA By-Laws and Code of Ethics are the means by which members are licensed and regulated.
The British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association promotes veterinarians and veterinary medicine within the province of British Columbia.
The Association supports the professional well-being of members through advocacy, education and professional development.

About BC Wood
Representing, wood, member, Remanufactured Products, Furniture, Northern Interior Representing, Fixtures, Vancouver Island Representing, Lower Mainland, Thompson Okanagan Representing, Prefabricated Structures, China, Member Services, Manager, North America.
BC Wood is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to growing British Columbia's secondary wood-products manufacturing industry.
Established in 1989 as a partnership between industry and government, BC Wood provides marketing programs to over 600 registered value-added manufacturers, which includes cost-shared participation in international tradeshows and events, out-going and incoming trade missions, lead generation through the WorldWide Inquiry System (WWIS) and networking opportunities.
In addition, BC Wood members have access to an extensive resource library, both on-line and in our office.
To become a member of BC Wood, you must meet minimum criteria.
Please contact our office at (604) 556-3373 or [email protected] or complete and submit this application form.
Copyright (C) 2001 BC Wood Specialties Group.

Our Core Values
inspections, Requiring, Members, pre-purchase, standards, home inspection, Mission, Requiring mandatory, Practice, education, industry, protection, responsibilities, profession, Vision.
Our Vision is to establish and maintain the occupation of home and/or property inspector as a profession with consistent and reasonable standards for required knowledge, performance, and responsibilities that enhance the confidence, safety, and protection of the public, real estate industry stakeholders, and government.
Our Mission is to promote the professional pre-purchase home inspection industry, to protect the public using the pre-purchase inspection industry's service, and to promote member inspectors with ongoing and continuing educational opportunities.
Providing Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
Requiring mandatory continued education credits in order to retain membership.
Requiring all Members to use a written contract meeting minimum standards for all residential inspections.

Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC) - Home Page
certification, COABC, Designs, farmers, COABC domain, Korbynn Web Designs, information resource, Bookmark, business, Database Advanced Search, environment, foods, organic farming, British Columbia, production.
Canadian Organic Initiative Project NEW Whether you are a consumer seeking organic produce, a buyer wanting to check a farm's current organic certification status, or simply looking for information on organic growing and production in British Columbia, you've come to the right place!
Where to find organic farmers and foods?
Why organic is good for you and the environment?
Check out how you can have a web page for your business on this site.
Bookmark this page as your up-to-date information resource on BC's rapidly-expanding organic alternative!
Korbynn Web Designs - Web site design.
Get in touch with us if you're interested in having a site created outside the COABC domain.

safety, guide, FARSHA, farm, injury reporting, agriculture, ATV safety, Claims Management, tractor, employers, follow-up, decals, FARSHA office, safe, vehicles.
We are continuously making every effort to bring you the most up-to-date information on recent developments regarding farm safety within FARSHA and the agricultural sector.
In 2002, BC agriculture suffered 14 work related deaths.
Injury Reporting and Follow-Up: A Claims Management Guide for Small Agricultural Employers in BC and Injury Reporting and Follow-Up: A Claims Management Guide for Large Agricultural Employers in BC are two guides that have been developed to assist employers in the injury reporting process.
The Farm and Ranch Safety and Health Association now has available a safety guide titled ATV Safety for Agricultural Workers in BC. ATV's are used on many BC farms and ranches, and unfortunately are the cause of many accidents.

About the UHA
UHA, fishery, geoduck, DFO, monitoring, co-management, members, Canada, contract, Canadian, management, harvesting, British Columbia, license holders, committees.
The UHA membership includes most participants in the fishery, namely the 55 license holders, crew members from harvesting vessels, and all of the major wholesalers of geoduck in British Columbia.
Initially, the UHA contracted an independent company to carry out a geoduck dockside monitoring program in 1989 to provide the financially strapped Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) with data from the fishery.
This monitoring program was an essential component of the switch to an individual quota (IQ) fishery.
Since then, the UHA has voluntarily expanded their role in co-management.
Thirdly, the UHA funds four full time biologists (two consultants and two DFO positions), a number of part-time consultants and DFO contract positions, a position at Environment Canada to ensure that paralytic shellfish poison (PSP) testing is completed and pays for extensive water quality and PSP testing.

About Us
ventilation, HVCI, Building Code, trade, database, members, retaining, ventilation requirements, forced air, heating, Gas, Guidelines, delivery, certification database, course materials.
Our Goal is to see safe, efficient and comfortable forced air heating and ventilation systems installed in dwellings in British Columbia.We believe that only through the establishment and enforcement of minimum standards will the public be assured that such systems are indeed installed.
The HVCI Association of BC came into being as a result of a fundamental disagreement with the National HRAI Association.
The Executive of the BC Chapter of that national organization had developed and administered a province-wide training course on the unique BC Building Code, Section 9.32 Ventilation requirements.
Our membership hovers around the two hundred mark, making us one of the largest provincial trade associations in BC.

Independent Power Producers association of BC - IPPBC
IPPBC, electricity, government, energy, industry, independent power, IPP, task force, report, electricity policy, regulatory, Power Producers Association, Independent Power Producers, task force committees, BCUC.
To develop a viable independent power industry in British Columbia that serves the public interest by providing cost-effective electricity through the efficient and environmentally responsible use of the Province's energy resources.
The independent power producer (IPP) industry began in 1978 when President Carter passed the Public Utilities Regulatory Act to harness the renewable sector to solve the first energy crisis.
The IPPBC was formed to enable IPPs to work collectively to overcome the common barriers to development, especially in electricity policy and regulation.
The first major policy issue tackled by the IPPBC was electricity export.
The IPPBC's report played a key role in the export of electricity being accepted in principle by government.

ISIC: Services
Science, Technology, survey, industry association, communities, telecommunications needs, High-Tech, supporting, meetings, coordinating, Promoting, seminars, hosting, PublicationsPartnersLinksContactFeedbackSearch, HomeServicesEventsReports.
As a project based organization, ISIC manages a core fund to cover the cost of organizing and hosting various projects, seminars and events.
While not exhaustive, the following areas provide an indication of the Council's activities and services to the region.
A survey that will collect information about telecommunications needs in our communities.
A survey that will collect information about telecommunication needs within the business community in our region.

Western Association of Salvors and Handloggers salvage beach environment marine logs salvage practise BC B.C. British Columbia Pacific Northwest Canada Georgia Strait waste clean up forest industry responsibility boating hazard value ad ded economic benefit
logs, salvors, environment, industry, log salvage, materials, regulations, management, Canada, Ministry, Forest, logging, recover, economy, government.

The Western Association of Salvors and Handloggers (WASH) is a new organisation designed to address some long-existing problems in the log salvage sector as seen by the log salvors.
For four decades salvors have been working under regulations that are n ot in their best interests, resulting in a climate of frustration and conflict between salvors and the Forest Industry.
The practise resulted in lost income to the salvors and a increase of smaller and lower quality logs which could not be economically salvaged, and an equally important cost to the economy, the environment, and public safety.
Percentages of the value of marketable logs currently going back to the companies under the No Mark Visible Fund should be us ed to subsidize payment to salvors for unmerchantable material at pulp prices and to subsidize the cost of utilizing or safely disposing of other materials.

Law Society of British Columbia: Home
Law Society, lawyers, report, practice, agreement, Act, failures, articling agreement, online, Benchers, proposals, paralegals, filing, student, Task Force.
2003 AGM: BC lawyers are invited to the Law Society Annual General Meeting, which will be held on Friday, September 19, 2003.
In a departure from past years, they are also recommending that the practice fee include the Canadian Bar Association fee only for those BC lawyers who are members of the CBA.
For full information, see Notice to the Profession: 2003 Annual General Meeting (HTML | PDF).
Under revised Law Society Rules, the principal and student must jointly file that agreement with the Law Society at the commencement of articles and subsequently file a mid-term progress report and a final report to certify completion of their respective obligations under the agreement.

Memorial Society of BC - About Us
society, arrangements, annual general meetings, purposes, members, government, monitor, support, death, Memorial Society, mind, peace, Officers, directors, volunteer board.
The Memorial Society of British Columbia, a non-profit, non-denominational organization, was founded in 1956 by 55 people devoted to promoting dignity and simplicity in funeral rites.
Today the Society, with more than 200,000 members, remains based on that original principle.
Between annual general meetings, the Society is governed by a volunteer board of directors.
Officers are elected at annual general meetings held in even-numbered years.
To enjoy the peace of mind in having your wishes recorded and on file.

Oberlander Draft Horse Association: Constitution
directors, members, society, general meeting, annual general meeting, special resolution, powers, meeting, bylaws, president, act, business, adjournment, appoint, resolution.
"Society Act means the Society Act of British Columbia from time to time in force and all amendments to it; "registered address" of a member means the member's address as recorded in the register of members.
The amount of the first annual membership dues must be determined by the directors and after that the annual membership dues must be determined at the annual general meeting of the society.
In order to carry out the purposes of the society the directors may, on behalf of and in the name of the society, raise or secure the payment or repayment of money in the manner they decide, and, in particular but without limiting that power, by the issue of debentures.

Wood Pellet Fuel Manufacturers Association of British Columbia - Wood Pellet Heat
pellet, fuel, grade, wood, manufacturers, appliances, heat, cost, burning, premium grade, standard, supplies, retailers, harmful, smoke.
Pellet fuel is made mainly of sawdust, shavings and fines leftover after processing trees for lumber and other wood products.
Currently, pellet fuel can be purchased at stores that sell building supplies, pet and farm supplies, and hearth appliances.
The main difference between the two is that the standard grade contains more inorganic ash than the premium grade.
Pellet manufacturers are encouraged to label their fuel and to have it tested on a regular basis to ensure the protection of consumers.
A pellet appliance is capable of generating 10,000-500,000 BTU of heat.
The cost of pellet fuel may depend on the geographic region where it is sold, and the current season.

ROMA bc, residential units, rental units, landlords, rental owners
members, insurance program, owners, management, homes, secondary suite, government, serves, ROMA, urban, private sector, residential landlords, Mobile Home Park, Alliance, Nelson.
Dedicated to providing services, products and representation which helps our Members succeed as rental owners, ROMA BC serves and represents over 750 members who manage nearly 20,000 residential rental units throughout British Columbia.
Our membership ranges from people who rent a secondary suite in their homes to large corporations and property management companies, managing hundreds of units.
Our Membership includes affiliate associations in Kelowna, Prince George and Nelson as well as the Alliance of BC Mobile Home Park Owners.
We serve all residential landlords - whether public or private sector, urban or rural, owners of one secondary suite or managers of several hundred units.

About UDI
UDI, industry, government, members, professionals, Pacific Region, policy, business, Publications, real estate, education, government relations, finance, Kelowna, Victoria.
The Urban Development Institute is a national non-profit association (with international affiliations) of the development industry and related professions.
The 400 corporate members of UDI Pacific Region represent thousands of individuals involved in all facets of land development and planning.
The goals of the Institute are to improve communication among the development industry, various levels of government, and the public, and to improve housing and job opportunities for all British Columbians.
For a better sense of UDI's approach to doing business, check our Code of Ethics.
Many valuable networking opportunities to meet and discuss industry issues and business opportunities with developers and other professionals who work in the development industry.

WSCA.CA - About Us - Western Silvicultural Contractors' Association
silviculture, forests, WSCA, healthy Canadian, membership, silviculture workers, economy, effective ecosystem silviculture, producing twice, commercial forest, transportation safety, remote camps, life, improving working conditions, medium.
The WSCA membership is made up of the silviculture contracting community in Western Canada.
We represent a 600 million dollar industry composed primarily of family-run small and medium size companies.
The WSCA is dedicated to improving working conditions in the field, quality of life in remote camps, and transportation safety for all silviculture workers.
Studies show that silviculture can increase the wood supply of a commercial forest by producing twice the volume in half the time.
Silviculture makes sense, and the WSCA believes that well planned and effective ecosystem silviculture is the key to healthy Canadian forests and a healthy Canadian economy.

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