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Top Sales And Management Training Firms Advanture Consulting Corporation

: leadership development, consulting, coaching, Advanture.

Outline: Advanture Consulting is a privately owned company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, created in June 2002 from the merger of Shapiro & Associates and Balance Point Canada Inc. Advanture specializes in leadership and organizational development, management consulting, and executive coaching.

Advanture designs and delivers high quality, action-oriented, and results-based leadership development programs in more than two dozen subject areas.

Legacy is a "whole person learning" leadership development program that combines professional, personal, and interpersonal growth.

Our Legacy Executive program is a leadership and organizational development program for senior leaders, and is offered to clients as a customized program on an exclusive basis.

Buckhiester Revenue Management - Contact

: BML, confidentiality, maintaining client confidentiality, manner whatsoever.

Outline: BML is very much aware of how important privacy is to Internet users.

Contact information provided to BML through email communication or completion of the Revenue Management Assessment Questionnaire will not be provided to other companies in any manner whatsoever.

BML is absolutely committed to maintaining client confidentiality.


: learning, Campeau, high impact, educate.

Outline: "Revolutionary change is thrusting us into the future faster than ever before in human history.

We are now in a stripped-down, every-job-counts, highly interdependent world that requires a new set of skills and abilities to survive let alone thrive."

Edge Training & Consulting Ltd. - About EDGE

: improving, business, Consultants, Knowledge Management.

Outline: Founded on the principles of creativity, professionalism and innovation, EDGE has been in the business of improving performance for more than 14 years.

EDGE has enjoyed steady growth resulting from its commitment to providing clients with solutions that yield measurable and lasting improvements to the bottom line.

EDGE launched into the Knowledge Management arena and co-hosted the KM event of year - Practical Applications for Knowledge Management.

1998 Michelle Sharp and Scott Garard found Beyond Basics to broaden the technology improvement service line.

EDGE hosts a 10-year anniversary celebration at the Wedgewood Hotel.

Large mortgages, many mouths to feed and a keen eye for business opportunity spur the founding of EDGE Training & Consulting.

  Insight Out  |  About Insight Out

: Dawna, creativity, Marketing, Ottawa.

Outline: Dawna Jones, President, brings 18 years of practical experience in facilitating leadership and teamwork for progressive companies and organizations.

Dawna's personal mission is to create working climates where people are empowered to contribute their full creative talent.

What distinguishes Dawna is a highly developed intuitive insight and intelligence into working with the underlying and invisible forces that influence people and their productivity.

Bachelor of Education, University of Alberta, 1974.

"We were impressed with the range and the thoroughness with which Dawna addressed our unique environment.

Dawna exhibits characteristics that one seeks to find in senior professionals: integrity, honesty, generosity and a genuine interest in her clients.

About Us

: insights, insights vancouver, accredited facilitators, Assessments.

Outline: Insights Vancouver, under the leadership of Joyce Gwilliam, is an Authorized Learning Center for Insights Learning & Development with head offices in Dundee, Scotland.

Insights Vancouver works with Insights Offices in over 16 countries to bring the power and uniqueness of the Insights Discovery System Assessments and Software to individuals, teams and organizations everywhere.

Along with our core team of highly skilled Accredited facilitators, Insights Vancouver supports a select team of Insights Accredited Associates that have their own businesses and consulting practices focused on different key areas of personal and organizational development.

Whether it's an executive coach or a certified meeting facilitator, Insights Vancouver can assist you in finding the right accredited facilitator to meet your needs.

Kison - Why Us?

: customize, outcomes, skills, expectations.

Outline: This gives us a chance to assess your current state against desired outcomes, determine the "gap" and customize a program that delivers measurable and sustainable results.

Upon completing the situational analysis, we assist you in determining the best approach to positively impact the attitude, skills and knowledge of employees to attain the outcomes and results sought.

We feel this approach demonstrates our commitment to achieving our client's objectives, and ensures that they receive the best solution for their investment.

Each member of our team has skills and a dedication to their work and a commitment to exceed our client expectations.

Career Counselling - Life Strategies Ltd. - Vancouver, B.C., Canada

: life strategies, planning, managers, employees.

Outline: Life Strategies offers you consultants with training and expertise in diverse specialties including career counselling, organizational change, and financial planning.

Focusing on providing service to individuals and organizations in transition, Life Strategies also offers professional development seminars / workshops for human resource professionals, employment counsellors, corporate transition managers, and teachers.

As organizations face the challenge of recruiting, retaining, and reskilling the employees that they need in the changing workplace -- and employees strive to find a measure of work/life balance as they continue to learn and grow -- managers and supervisors are often expected to take on the role of coach, mentor, or confidant.

motivational and keynote speakers : Walkabout Seminars

: seminars, Customer Service, business, Michelle Ray.

Outline: Walkabout Seminars International offers training and consulting services in essential areas for professional development.

Michelle Ray has professional membership status with the National Speakers Association of North America and is a certified human performance consultant with Executive Learning Systems International.

In October 1999, Michelle was invited to appear as an International Panelist at the Australian Customer Service Association Summit in Melbourne, addressing "Customer Service for the New Millennium".

A sought-after presenter, Michelle demonstrates a deep understanding of her subject.

We are an international seminar company whose business success as a training provider is due to the dedication, vision and passion of its founder, Michelle Ray.

Speeches was:

: adventures, experiences, audiences, passion.

Outline: Our most powerful learning comes from actual experience.

As adults, burdened with responsibilities, we tend to become less adventurous and start to grow apathetic about our lives - and the world around us.

Without new adventures and experiences to fuel our passion for self-discovery, we soon find ourselves intimidated by change and skeptical of things new or different.

This presentation is an entertaining collection of stories and humorous experiences designed to rekindle the audiences spirit for adventure and their passion for discovery.

It's fun, it's energetic, it's motivating; and the audience leaves with new found energy and renewed enthusiasm for exploring their capabilities.

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