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Vancouver to Seattle

Alberta Diamond Exchange
diamonds, schedule, appointment, favorites, suits, accessories, watches, jewellery, online selection, shopping mall, ability, secure, power, highest priority, privacy.
Because our consultations are by appointment only, you can be assured that your privacy is our highest priority.
Knowledge is power when it comes to diamonds, and if you're comfortable, relaxed, and secure, you have the ability to learn much more than if you are in the middle of a shopping mall.
Please feel free to browse our online selection of fine jewellery, diamonds, watches, and accessories.
We are more than happy to set up an appointment that suits your schedule.
If your schedule or location will not allow a personal visit, we are able to process your order through email or telephone.

Art Wear
art, West Coast style, uniquely West Coast, unbeatable prices, quality wearable art, Art Wear, Business.
Our goal is to provide the best quality wearable art to you at unbeatable prices.
There is a uniquely West Coast style to our po...

reality, unique jewelry, appointment, designs, variety, Granville Island, renown shopping area, footsteps, Canada, British Columbia, beautiful Vancouver, Aurelia Jewels.
just footsteps from the world renown shopping area of Granville Island.

jewellery, bracelet, creations, imagination, mediums, boot caps, plated belt buckles, gold/silver plated belt, pewter, soapstone sculptures, bronze, jewellery services, variety, skull keychain fob, silver skull keychain.
From Elegant to Casual, we offer an extensive selection.
Choose from our gallery or come and see us and we will customize a design.
We will be providing you with years of experience combined with state of the art equipment to deliver the quality you deserve and expect.
We look forward to providing you with a wide variety of jewellery services.
We are not limited to just jewellery.
we also offer bronze and soapstone sculptures, pewter and gold/silver plated belt buckles & boot caps or just about anything you would like in these mediums.

email list, our email, Sign-up.

customers, Brinkhaus Jewellers, Vancouver, clients, store, enduring, ourjewellery, confident, comparison shop-ping, mind, educate, industry, utmost integrity, reputation, long-term corporate clients.
Since 1985, the Vancouver store has been located in the lobby of the opulent Hotel Vancouver on Hornby Street.
The Calgary store has occupied a stately three-storey brick house nestled between office towers in the city's downtown core since 1976.
"We build a rapport with our customers and develop a sense of trust," adds Norbert.
"Whether they're first-time customers or long-term corporate clients, they can rest assured that we'll do our very best to find something truly remarkable for them."
And Gisela reassures potential customers that Brinkhaus Jewellers continues to maintain its decades old reputation for the utmost integrity.
We like to take the time to educate our clients and we don't mind when they go comparison shop-ping.

Brooks Jewellers features antique Victorian bracelet slides.
slide, bracelet, Jewelers, watch, Victorian Era, collector, estate sales, beautiful, watch slide necklaces, tradition, DiGem Jewelers, Member, Web Site, Brooks Jewellers, Canada.
The Return of an Elegant Tradition During the Victorian Era, it was very fashionable and popular for women to wear 14kt Watch Slide Necklaces.
The collector would cut the jeweled slide off the watch chain and string it on a double strand gold bracelet.
Over the course of several years, these collectors would add unique slides accumulated through many estate sales, eventually building a full bracelet.
Now you can start your own tradition by reviving a piece of jewelry's history.
Our 14kt Slides faithfully reproduce the slide bracelet concept and bring it up to date by offering a beautiful array of jeweled slides.

shipping, Card, shipping prices, shipping information, website, GST, PST, Cost, Signature, Credit Card, Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Qty, Bill.
Please see website for shipping information or call.
Shipping prices are subject to change without notice.

Canadian Jewelry Exchange - Inventory
Ruby Earrings, Cable Chain, Rolex Sea Dweller.

jewellery, JavaScript, design, specialty, customer, Platinum, Internet, browser, Web Site, Sell Canadian Diamonds, Professional Jewellery Repair, model design system, Corporate Jewellery, celebrities, testimonials.
This page uses JavaScript, so you need to get a browser such as Netscape Communicator? 4.0 or later or Microsoft® Internet Explorer? 4.0 or later that supports JavaScript.
If you have JavaScript disabled in your browser, you will need to turn it on in order to use this Web Site.
At Crest Jewellers Ltd, our emphasis is on the individual customer and their particular needs.
We have testimonials from customers and celebrities.
We design any piece of jewellery using our model design system.

jewellery design, Canada, jewelry, beaded bracelets, necklaces
Rubin Kennedy, art, Grecian Deco Collection, Rubin Kennedy Designs, jewelry, personalities, sterling silver, PENDANT, MANDALA, Holt Renfrew, Eternal Amulet Collection, Fashion, Personal Compass Collection, Trendz Magazine, NEWS.
We make a different center panel for every client, to suit their personalities and desires!
The Grecian Deco collection is suggestive of classic Grecian form, yet the ornamentation is essentially art deco but modern in its interpretation.
Their collections are inspired by art and architecture from around the globe.
Every piece of jewelry is hand-worked in combinations of sterling silver and 18-karat gold.
By concentrating on well priced wearable art, Rubin Kennedy fills the gap between fad and fine jewelry.
Rubin Kennedy Designs announces its Personal Compass collection!
Our Eternal Amulet Collection, showcased at Holt Renfrew, has been marked down 30%!!

Canadian Diamonds, Platinum Engagement Rings, Custom Jewelry
diamond, Canadian Diamonds, rings, Designs, Davidson, Guide, Wholesale, engagement rings, Coloured Stone, Ron Davidson, Prices, IDEAL CUT, Vancouver, Gold, Platinum.
Canadian Diamonds for engagement rings, Canadian diamonds for all occasions.
Ethical Canadian Diamonds.When purchasing a Canadian Diamond, we help to select the right diamond for you.
We are a Canadian Diamond Wholesaler specializing in Custom made jewelry for your special Canadian Diamond to be showcased in.
If you are looking for the finest Canadian Diamond, we can offer you the finest one of a kind rings for your unique style and taste so that your Canadian Diamond Ring is truly yours and yours alone.

Elanda Goldsmiths Ltd.
diamond, gold, jewellery, Ekati diamond, kind jewellery, gemstones, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, AURIAS diamonds, client, delight, matching wedding band, solitaire engagement ring, classic solitaire engagement.
This year give her something as precious as she is.
Are you thinking about asking for her hand in marriage or are you thinking about asking her to "marry" you all over again?
A stunning Ekati diamond, mined in Canada, will be sparkling forever as a symbol of your love.
Shown here is a Canadian Ekati diamond that is six claw set in a classic solitaire engagement ring and is accompanied with a matching wedding band.
Both were a delight for our client to receive!
Our goldsmiths use combinations of yellow gold, white gold and platinum with all gemstones and diamonds to create unique, one of a kind jewellery.

Enderby Jewellers, BC, diamonds, engraving and trophies.
Enderby Jewellers, Jewellers Web site, Enderby Jewellers Web, Canada, Judy Dangel.
Contact Judy Dangel at Enderby Jewellers, or phone 250-838-7123.

Exclusively Diamonds - Wholesale Diamond Jewellery Broker in Vancouver
Diamonds, Exclusively Diamonds, picture, near-wholesale prices, high-quality diamond jewellery, sell high-quality diamond, British Columbia, Vancouver, heart, wholesale diamond broker, Exclusively Diamonds Website.
Exclusively Diamonds is a wholesale diamond broker located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Gemfinders International
Wands, jewellery, Crystals, Quartz, pay, pictures, Stone, Store, secure, Currency Converter, exact article, Unset Crystals, approximation, bottom, toll free.
Pay instantly by using PayPal: Fast, easy, secure payment.
Click on Add to Cart button under any item to order & pay using PayPal.
PayPal is owned by ebay, it is an encrypted connection (secure) and does not allow the vendor (us) to see any of your information.
It's the way to pay on the web.

Helene Bourget Designs
flash, upgrade, Macromedia, built, Bourget Designs web, Helene Bourget Designs.
We have detected that you have an older version of flash installed on your computer.
Please upgrade your flash version by clicking here.
and then return to this site and click on the image above..

Instinct Adornment Inc
piercing, Fakir Intensives, body arts, Instinct, recognition, school, aftercare, highest quality body, ethical manner, compassionate, safe, operating, on-going aftercare, Instinct adornment, philosophy.
Instinct is Kamloops' first and only independent business focusing solely on Body Piercing and the body arts.
Instinct provides the highest quality body piercing services, jewellery and aftercare products, all at fair prices.
The school offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date training available in the body arts.
Fakir Intensives is recognized by the California Council for Private Post Secondary Education and is state licensed.
Fakir Intensives is the only training with such official recognition.
Michelle, who has been with the studio since 2001 took training through Gotham.
Instinct adornment offers the highest quality body art products, services and on-going aftercare.
We are dedicated to operating in a safe, compassionate, and ethical manner.

Jay Lyn Jewellers - Diamond Tutorial
diamond, proportions, Jaylyn Jewellers, Canadian, rainbow, sparkling flashes, display, light entering, Canada, cutting, highest standard, perfect grade, beauty, exquisite lustre, precisely placed facets.
We at Jaylyn Jewellers wish to dedicate this diamond section of our website to those of you who share our interest in excellent cut and the highest quality of craftsmanship used to perfect any diamond cut by our master cutters.
The Canadian Ideal Cut Diamond describes a round brilliant diamond that has been cut to exact and mathematically proven proportions.
Quite simply, this is the highest standard for cutting in the world today, cut by Canadians, in Canada, to perfection.
When a diamond is cut to Ideal proportions, all of the light entering from any direction is totally reflected through the top and is dispersed into a display of sparkling flashes and a rainbow of colors.

jewellery, gold, diamond, repairs, Goldsmithing, Prince George, Fisher, Evey, longevity, regional economy, valleys, peaks, Prince George scene, Gold Smithing, one-of-a-kind.
Store owners Ken and Evey Fisher and their knowledgeable staff have been offering their blend of friendly professional service to Prince George and region shoppers for over two decades.
Ken's Goldsmithing is not a chain or franchise, it is community, locallly owned and operated and proud of it.
Ken, a goldsmith and Evey, a gemologist, are amply qualified to offer repairs and appraisals to all jewellery.
Their wide selection of diamond and coloured stone jewellery is second to none.
Ken's Gold Smithing has been part of the Prince George scene long enough for the Fishers to understand fully the peaks and valleys of the regional economy.

Marjon Jewellers Ltd.
rings, selection, wedding, watches, jewellery, in-store repair services, brand, pendants, ear rings, bracelets, gold chains, wedding bands, wedding ring sets, engagement rings, distinctive designs.
"We strive to offer a unique selection of fine jewellery and watches for all occasions, to meet every budget.
We specialize in unique and distinctive designs for engagement rings, wedding ring sets and wedding bands.
We also have a very good selection of gold chains, bracelets, ear rings, pendants, men's jewellery, and a wide selection of brand name watches for both men and women.

jewellery designers, platinum jewelry, platinum casting, custom jewellery
platinum, Platinum Casting Promotion, design, trade, friend, Creole Carmichael, jewellery, creations, gold, nbsp, website, in-house platinum manufacturing, service providers, on-time completion policy, technical skills.
We offer a sumptuous buffet of light, colour, texture and imaginative design - rings and more in platinum, gold, diamonds and sparkling gemstones.
You may be inspired to commission a Creole Carmichael original for yourself, a loved one, or perhaps a special friend.
Our creative and technical skills in casting platinum and gold, together with our on-time completion policy have made Creole Carmichael Designs one of Western Canada's most sought after service providers to the trade.
We're Victoria's only full in-house platinum manufacturing jeweller, and our Platinum Casting Promotion is a great opportunity for you to experience a new level of quality and service.

Premier Pawnbrokers
Pawnbrokers Association, National Pawnbrokers Association, Independent Business, Canadian Federation, British Columbia Pawnbrokers, Commerce, Kelowna Chamber, proud members.

Canada Pawnbroker & Jewellers - BC Jewelry Store - Jewelers
pawnbroker, Royal City Jewellers, web site, store, Canada, Loans, Store Purchases, Sort, phrase Sound-alike matching, Exact phrase Sound-alike, words Exact phrase, pawnbroking industry, authority, Michael Isman, General Manager.
View our wide selection of diamonds, jewellery, musical instruments, stereo equipment, tools, cameras, guitars, tvs, vcrs, sewing machines.
If you have any questions or comments you would like to make, please feel free to call us at: (604) 526-7296 or email our customer service.
Are you visiting our web site from a country other than Canada?
The company has been under the same ownership since it began on Columbia St. in 1955.
It is now the largest single store pawnbroker in Canada with a staff of 25 people.
The company's General Manager, Michael Isman, is Canada's leading authority on the pawnbroking industry.

Welcome to Rivergems
fossils, minerals, exquisite gem-quality ammolite.
We carry an extensive collection of some of the most exquisite gem-quality ammolite, minerals, fossils & one-of-a-kind natural show pieces from all over the world.

Roath's Pawn Shop - About Us
Surrey, business, business license cost, Surrey Bylaw, Surrey Council, discriminatory, report, petition, Specials, goldsmith, store, Pawn Shop, King George, Sales, Surrey residents.
Roath's Pawn Shop is located in Surrey, British Columbia.
He will still be our goldsmith, but will be doing the work at his own premises.
There have been several newspaper articles and even a television report on the local news relating to this discriminatory fee.
The Surrey Council is claiming that the people of Surrey don't want us or similar undesirable businesses in Surrey.
The petition is addressed to the Surrey Council and says "We, the undersigned, feel that Surrey Bylaw #13680 (which raised the business license cost for pawnbrokers and second hand dealers from $180 to $3000) is discriminatory, unfair and unnecessary.

Jewellery, specialty, expertise, Saatchi, selection, Switzerland, Paris, watches, guarantee, merchandise, offering superior selection, customers, York, designs, in-house goldsmith.
We have our own in-house goldsmith and watch specialist.
The latest designs in Jewellery from Paris, Italy, Switzerland and New York.
One of the Largest selection in watches from Switzerland, Paris and Italy.
At Saatchi & Saatchi Fine Jewellery we make our customers feel special by offering superior selection, service and seventy years of expertise.
Our merchandise comes with a guarantee which includes an expert appraisal from a gemologist.

New Page 1
arts, Scandinavia, Major Credit Cards, Mail Order, Bridal Registry, Price Guarantee, Selection, Classical Canadian Souvenir, Folk Arts, giftware, Artificial plants, Table-linens, Jewelry, Collective items, Candles.
Fine giftware, Folk arts and Classical Canadian Souvenir.

Worlds and Tribes - About us
jewellery, traveling, memories, handicrafts, Guatemala, dream, Steve, Lucie, extremely grateful, support, globe, showroom, brand, lucky, friends.
Worlds and Tribes takes its roots in a small dream we had, when we were traveling through Mexico and Guatemala.
Our start was very modest, but quickly we started wholesaling silver jewellery, incorporating slowly more and more handicrafts.
Traveling started to occupy more and more time each year, and as our warehouses grew bigger, so did the number of our staff.
In March 2003, we moved to our brand new showroom, and still travel the globe to find you the best possible pieces of jewellery that will make memories for a special somebody.
We are extremely grateful to be able to still be doing this wonderful work.

Blue Moon Gifts - Coombs and Saltspring Island, B.C.
Tarot, store locations, Courtenay, Spirit, Tarot Reader, appointment, Walk-in, Astrology, Readings, Clothing, Buddhas, Dragons, Fairies, Gifts, Spheres.
Aura Cascia & Tifferet oils, Triloka & Nag Champa incense, plus many others.
3Djeweler - Michael Drechsler Jewelry Ltd., custom jeweler, web designer.
diamond, jewelry, rings, design, Visualization, Michael Drechsler, pendants, request, Commerce, Canadian Dollars, earrings, custom designs, sparkle.
Our extensive web site,, to include many new pieces of custom jewelry as well as a showcase for our collection of fine diamonds.
Please fill out the request form and be as specific as possible to help us with your request.
For immediate assistance, phone Michael Drechsler who will glad to speak with you.
View the gorgeous colored gem earrings and pendants we have designed and crafted.
Call us for diamond expertise and stunning custom designs.
We custom design and create engagement rings and anniversary rings.
1: formation of mental visual images 2: the act or process of interpreting in visual terms or of putting into visual form 3: to see or form a mental image.

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