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BCNET: Developing BC's Advance Networks

network, Internetworking, education, advanced networks.

BCNET is the province's first Internetworking society focusing on the development of advanced networks to further health, education and research initiatives in British Columbia.

Our non-profit society is comprised of five higher-learning institutional Members from the local community who are dedicated to bringing advanced networking infrastructure and technologies to the province.

BCNET currently operates the ORAN (Optical Regional Advanced Network) to facilitate next-generation Internet architecture and service delivery.

Our Vision: We envision a networking environment where British Columbia's research and educational institutions have "state of the art" access to the world's best Internetworking services.

Our Mission: We will provide our membership with the most advanced and cost-effective access to networking services and collaborate with other stakeholders in the evolution of the Internet.


Blaze, nbsp, prices, Internet.

Blaze Telecommunications Inc. is a leading Information Technology company in Vancouver, BC. Blaze specializes in Internet Access, Web Hosting and Web Design.

Not only do we provide Internet-based services but our professionals can help you fulfill all of your IT needs, from phone systems to computer networks.

Our team can custom build any package and will help you to bring your company full force into today's fast pace market.

Catering to a variety of companies from across the continent, Blaze brings affordable prices to high quality services.

We believe in providing you with the best -- for the price that you should be paying for it.

Whistler.Com - Whistler's #1 Central Reservation Source

ski, Whistler, Snow Conditions, named National Champion.

Whistler's #1 Reservations Source is pleased to offer you comprehensive Resort information and solutions to all your vacation inquiries.

Whistler.Com is your one-stop shop to Whistler.

Speak to our in-resort agents, or book on-line now; it's easy, fast and secure!!

Whistler-Blackcomb is your ticket to 7,000 acres of ski and snowboard terrain, more than 200 marked trails and 12 massive Alpine bowls!!

March 17-27 Watch Canada's current and future Olympians compete for the right to be named National Champion.

Ticket, friend, Refer, free BCHL Tickets.

REFER A FRIEND AND SAVE Do you know someone that wants to connect to the Internet?

Refer them to and get a free month of dial-up access for each friend that connects with us!

Send your referrals name and phone number to [email protected] and we will contact them, or click 'Signup' to the left and fill out the easy online form.

Want to get your paws on some FREE BCHL Tickets?

Uniserve Online - Overview

Internet, community, Tremain, TVS.

Technovision Systems Inc. is a Canadian public company listed on the Canadian Venture Exchange under the symbol TVS.

Its founder, Mr. Gordon Tremain, was one of the first entrepreneurs to realize the potential of the Internet, which at that time was little more than a rarely used buzzword.

He moved quickly to position the company to take advantage of what he saw as an area where ordinary people, in addition to the scientific community, would embrace the technology.

TVS is now one of the largest independent full-service Internet communications companies based in BC providing Internet connectivity, consultation and web services.

Infinet Communications Group -- Home

account, PSiGate, Internet, Merchant Account.

Are you looking for news, weather and other goodies?

PSiGate empowers businesses on the Internet by providing secure, cost-effective and trusted eCommerce solutions.

to your new or existing online commerce enterprise, offering you a reliable means of real-time payment collection and financial transaction processing.

In addition, our management services include automated shipping calculations, fraud screening, and financial account reporting.

PSiGate also provides Internet Merchant Accounts for VISA, Master Card and American Express for Canadian based businesses.

For the sentimental who still prefer our old site, click here.

Welcome to Infomatch Internet

Internet, telephone directories, popular search sites, search engine.

Welcome to Infomatch Internet, Vancouver's premier Internet Service Provider.

We provide Internet access and WWW hosting at affordable rates.

Click here to view our current featured WWW clients.

For information on our service packages and rates please go to our account information page or email us at [email protected] or call us at 604-421-3230.

To view the current system status and setup information please go here.

Business FAQ

Internet, easyhosting, network, design services.

Do you offer web page design services?

EasyHosting specializes in Virtual Web Hosting, which means that you are able to establish a strong recognizable Internet presence on the Internet by using your Domain Name (eg.

We run it all for you from our network and give you access to our innovative SmartWizard!

There is no charge for updating your web site, as you are not charged "Hits" per page!

.net Originally intended to represent the Internet's infrastructure: Network Information Centers, Network Operations Centers, administrative computers (such as Domain Name Hosts) and network node computers.

.org Designated for miscellaneous entities that do not fit under any of the other top-level domains.

Lynx Communications Internet Services

Personal Website, web spaces, power, FREE options.

Personal Website LYNX Communications now provides Web spaces to our current personal accounts to publish their web pages onto our Web server for FREE.

With 2 Megabytes of Web spaces, you can upload Web pages, graphics, even multimedia files onto your Web pages.

Personal Website, Vacation Responder, Email to Fax & Email Forwarding are our FREE options to user now, join us & optimize your on-line power!

middle frame

server, NetRover Office, streaming services, chat software.

NetRover Office Dedicated Server Solutions is your best avenue if you need solid Web Hosting and you don't have the resources.

With NetRover Office Dedicated Server, your initial investment in server equipment and technical staff are minimal and you don't have to manage obsolete or depreciated assets.

When traffic to your Web site increases, NetRover Office can easily upgrade your server to ensure the availability of your site at all times.

In fact, you have complete control and responsibility over the content and operation of your server, the flexibility to install software you prefer to use, such as: database, intranet software, message boards, chat software, and streaming services. - Web Hosting, Domain Registrations and Ecommerce

hosting, Registrations, web hosting, hosting account.

Our business is providing Web Hosting services at a fair value, with inclusive features, low cost Domain Registrations and easy to use Ecommerce solutions.

We do three things at, Web Hosting Services, Domain Registrations and provide fast friendly customer support for the above two.

Web Hosting Account Order a web hosting account with a new domain or one you already own for only $19.95 per month.

Register or transfer a domain name and create your own web site with unlimited email accounts, unlimited space, unlimited transfer and much more.

List Hosting Account Create your own interactive mailing list or newsletter with unlimited members, unlimited space, unlimited transfer and more.

Pacific Online - High Performance Hosting

hesitate, features, industry-leading support, affordable packages.

Pacific Online focuses exclusively on providing reliable web site and e-mail hosting options.

We offer several affordable packages, industry-leading support and an extensive set of features.

Please take a moment to browse our site, and please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Pro.Net Communications Inc.

Tracker, design, Philosophy, portfolio.

Welcome to the all new pro.NET Communications Inc.

pro.NET is a web hosting and development company specializing in strategy, design and implementation.

We offer a variety of services to complement your business including Internet access, email, database administration, website design, network engineering, programming and technical support.

Over the last seven years, pro.NET has built more than 180 web sites, check our portfolio for samples.

SmarttNet- About Us

Internet related services, business, hosting, e-commerce site development.

We have developed our business by providing our clients technically excellent services, combined with high support levels, and year over year reliability that they can depend on.

Since 1995 we have been serving the BC business community with a full range of Internet related services.

We currently serve thousands of BC businesses and individuals with a single point of access to a full range of Internet related services from high-speed connectivity to e-commerce site development and hosting.

Stargate Connections Inc. - Internet solutions specialist since 1995

Stargate Connections, Encorp, web site, Fraser Valley Technology.

Stargate Recycles Encorp's Web Site - 2002.10.29 Encorp Pacific (Canada) and Stargate Connections Inc ( are proud to launch the newly designed Encorp Web site --

Encorp wanted the Web site to visually reflect the not-for-profit corporation's modern image in a colorful and user-friendly manner, in line with their recent marketing campaigns.

Stargate Connections Launches Redesigned FVTN Website - - 2002.02.19 Stargate Connections has launched the redesigned Fraser Valley Technology Network web site.

The FVTN is a non-profit technology industry group presenting Fraser Valley technology companies with regular opportunities to learn about building and financing their businesses, meet with other tech companies and network.

The FVTN website was designed and developed by Stargate in ColdFusion and is powered by OrgSite.

Welcome to iClicks Internet Inc.

internet, affiliate program, website, Iclicks.

With over 6 years experience in internet marketing and commercial website management, the staff at Iclicks are experts in building your brand, increasing your traffic, creating additional revenue streams and making you money.

For more information on how you can make the most of your website and grow your business, contact us today.

Please visit our site, the hottest affiliate program on the internet today.

VocalConnect[TM] LIVE HELP NOW! | Powered by VOCALSCAPE

VOCALSCAPE, Internet, technology, Customer.

VOCALSCAPE Networks, Inc. is a Vancouver-based company receiving international attention for its development of IP Telephony and VoIP (Voice Over IP) Application Solutions and is a leading provider of Web-based Customer Service Solutions for the Internet.

Using VOCALSCAPE technology, any company - local or regional, national or multi-national, single location or multi-site - can reap the benefits of increased interaction with their Online Web Visitors and Customers.

VOCALSCAPE develops innovative technologies for companies that see the potential of the Internet and telephony to enhance their service offerings and build Meaningful Customer Relationships.

VOCALSCAPE is committed to making great technology; challenging the status quo, and building a 21st Century company that changes the way businesses communicate and interact through the Internet.

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