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Top Electronic Hardware Manufacturers
About 3M - A Century of Innovation

Innovation, history, media, highlights.

Perseverance, ingenuity and creativity have made 3M's first 100 years a century of success.

For years, people around the world have looked to 3M for products and ideas that solve problems and make their lives easier and better.

We have a history of investing in the communities in which we operate by providing jobs for local residents and supporting education, the environment, and social and economic development.

McKnight believed "management that is destructively critical when mistakes are made kills initiative.

Visit the Press Room Download 3M media kits, press releases and images that tell the story of our "Century of Innovation."

A "Century of Innovation, Historical Snapshot," recreates the persistence of 3M's founding fathers and highlights many of 3M's successes.

Alcatel Builds Next Generation Networks...

Alcatel, Alcatel Canada, coast, communications.

Alcatel employs close to 3,500 people across Canada, including: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

Alcatel Canada develops a broad range of technologies, such as Broadband Networking products, DWDM optical networking equipment, and communication-based train control, signalling and communications solutions.

Alcatel has research and development, manufacturing, sales, and customer training sites from coast to coast, with its Canadian Headquarters based in Ottawa, Ontario.

Alpha Technologies : Profile

power, communication, Alpha, cable television.

Alpha understands this power and has built a company and set of strategies that exceed today's power requirements, while reflecting tomorrows power goals.

As long as there is a need for communication, there is a need for reliable power.

These products - which still comprise a significant portion of Alpha's total business - provide critical power conditioning and emergency backup to cable television delivery networks.

Rapid growth in global communications, and the critical connection between system power and overall network reliability, created a strong demand for Alpha's products across a wide array of communication applications.

Currently Alpha has sales and service centers in the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Australia with more than 1,000 employees and 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space worldwide.

Argus Technologies - Corporate Profile

Argus, power systems, panels, sales.

Argus Technologies was established in 1986 as a member of the Alpha group of companies, a leading producer of power systems for computers, cable TV and telecommunications.

Argus introduced the first commercial 48 volt, 100 amp switch mode rectifier in 1988 and since then has sold over 1/4 million units worldwide.

Argus Technologies is a privately owned company with corporate headquarters in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

The company is divided into three major operating units: manufacturing; research and development; sales and marketing.

Products include: complete DC power systems, rectifiers, DC-DC converters, DC UPS equipment, and a variety of electronic components (i.e. monitoring/control panels, distribution centers, fuse/breaker panels, etc.)

Ballard Power Systems - be informed

power, Ballard, Ballard Power Systems, fuel cell.

Ballard Power Systems is recognized as the world leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing zero-emission proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells.

Ballard is commercializing fuel cell engines for the transportation market, electric drives for both fuel cell and battery-powered electric vehicles, power conversion products for microturbines and other distributed generation technologies and fuel cell systems for markets ranging from portable power products to larger stationary generation products.

Ballard,, and Power to Change the World are registered trademarks and Nexa and Powered by Ballard are trademarks of Ballard Power Systems Inc. AccuCarb, AvCarb and Avox are trademarks of Ballard Material Products Inc. Ecostar is a registered trademark of Ballard Power Systems Corporation.

Creation Technologies :: About Creation

customers, success, industry, risk management.

Creation Technologies was established in 1991, with one operation in Vancouver, four entrepreneurs, 35 employees and revenues of $1 million.

Our success comes from the unique value proposition we bring to electronic manufacturing through the following attributes: flexibility, responsiveness, integrity, stability, entrepreneurial philosophy and risk management.

Responsiveness: In-depth customer profiling and industry experience drives our customer-focused account teams to anticipate and address issues before they arise.

Stability: We specialize in specific industries, and partner with customers carefully to ensure fit for long-term, mutual success.

Extensive industry expertise, careful project planning and real-time, detailed data reporting give our customers confidence that their product will be delivered to market on time and on budget.

About Creo - Creo

Creo, production, Country, industries.

Creo is a global company with key strengths in imaging and software technology.

As the world's largest supplier of prepress equipment, we are leading the transformation of the graphic arts industry.

We are also active in the creative desktop market and are continuously exploring the application of our patented technology in other industries.

Networked Graphic Production Get connected through Networked Graphic Production; a revolutionary Creo initiative that links creative and production systems, management information systems (MIS), content management, Internet systems and more.

Publications Subscribe to our quarterly publication  Creotivity  to keep abreast of new product and technological developments, updates on regional activities, and developments of interest within Creo.

Oce Display Graphics Systems

Graphics, wide-format, Display Graphics Systems, Océ Display Graphics.

Océ Display Graphics Systems brings together leaders in wide-format technologies, including ANAgraph, Cymbolic Sciences, Onyx Graphics and Raster Graphics, to offer a range of solutions specifically designed for the print-for-pay, wide-format service provider.

Océ Display Graphics Systems is a business group of the Strategic Business Unit Wide-Format Systems, of Océ N.V.

DIGITAL DISPATCH - The Global Leader in Taxi Dispatch Systems

dispatch systems, Digital Dispatch, vehicle, taxi.

Digital Dispatch Systems is a global provider of turnkey wireless mobile data systems for the taxi, courier, shuttle, vehicle tracking, and airport asset management industries worldwide.

Established in 1988, Digital Dispatch specializes in mobile data communications based automated dispatch systems and vehicle location systems.

Digital Dispatch Systems holds the world market share of Taxi Dispatch Systems.


business, compliance program, Integrity, employees.

Honeywell's Integrity and Compliance program reflects our vision and values.

It helps our employees, representatives, contractors, consultants and suppliers worldwide comply with a high standard of business conduct.

Honeywell employees are proud of their company's strong reputation for ethical conduct; this program helps protect that reputation.

All agents, consultants, contractors, representatives, suppliers, and employees of Honeywell are ultimately responsible for conducting themselves in an ethical manner in compliance with applicable laws.

Under the leadership of the Integrity and Compliance Council, we pursue a dynamic corporate-wide enforcement effort that engages Business Conduct Leaders in each business unit and each region of the world.

E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Limited - Corporate Information

Moli Energy, E-One Moli Energy, Canada, cylindrical cells.

Moli Energy was incorporated in 1977 to develop a commercially viable battery using technology from the lithium research program at the University of British Columbia.

E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Limited, in Maple Ridge, B.C. has a production capacity of 2 million cylindrical cells per month.

E-One Moli Energy is the only high volume manufacturer of cylindrical lithium-ion rechargeable cells in North America.

The Canadian cylindrical cell production is complemented by prismatic lithium-ion manufacturing capabilities at E-One Moli Energy Corp. in Taiwan.

E-One Moli Energy is committed to minimizing the impact of our operation on the environment.

Molicel is a registered trademark of E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Limited.

Norsat Ku, C, Ka Band LNBs, Transmitters, DVB-RCS Satellite Equipment

Norsat, portable terminals, designs, microwave products.

Norsat International Inc. began operating in 1978 as Northern Satellite Systems with a mission to develop leading satellite technologies for the consumer and commercial markets.

Since that time, the Company has established a solid history of developing innovative, high quality products, bringing many industry firsts to market.

The Company's current product line includes Microwave Products and Open Network systems based on the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) open standard.

Today, Norsat designs, engineers, and markets its microwave products and portable terminal solutions world-wide.

Norsat's established reputation, proven track record, and progressive product offering positions the company to achieve its vision of becoming a recognized market leader in the design and delivery of portable terminals for high-speed data transportation.

Northern Airborne Technology - About Us

NAT, radios, control heads, customer.

OEMs such as Bell, Eurocopter, McDonnell Douglas and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have NAT's products installed as standard equipment on several production helicopters.

NAT Audio Management Systems are widely recognized for their superior performance and reliability in high noise, heavy workload cockpits, with the flexibility to be customized to suit individual requirements.

A Tac/Com II? control head can simultaneously support up to four NAT transceivers and/or a selection of other FM radios with features such as high speed scanning, encryption, guard channels and CTCSS/DPL operation.

EMH designed and manufactured control heads for most aircraft communication and navigation radios plus CVR controllers, digital to synchro converters, and a variety of specialized devices to meet unique customer requirements.

Pacific Insight - History & Operations

Pacific Insight, Stock Exchange, Pacific Insight Electronics, design.

Pacific Insight Electronics Corp. was founded in 1985 by Stuart Ross and Bradley Smithson in Prince George, B.C., to service the emerging Daytime Running Light industry.

The Company moved to Nelson, B.C. in 1987 and became a public company listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange, in 1989.

In 1999, through the amalgamation of several Canadian Stock Exchanges, Pacific Insight began trading on the senior Tier 1 listings of the Canadian Venture Exchange CDNX under the trading symbol PIH.

Today, Pacific Insight employs over 230 people dedicated to the design, testing, production and marketing of our products and services.

This map shows our exact location in the Pacific Northwest.

PMC-Sierra > Company

Card, Switch, network, Core.

PMC-Sierra (NASDAQ:PMCS) develops high speed broadband communications semiconductors and MIPS-based processors for Access, Metro Transport and Optical Transport network equipment.

We provide next-generation solutions for Core and Edge Routers; Multi-service Switches; Multi-service Provisioning Platforms; Optical ADMs and Cross-Connects; 3G Wireless Basestation Controllers; and Media Gateways.

PMC-Sierra is a global company with offices and design centers in North America, Europe and Asia.

As a co-founder of the SATURN® Development Group, we work with more than 30 member companies to define standard-compliant solutions for high speed networking.

PMC-Sierra is publicly traded on Nasdaq and the company's stock is included in the S&P 500 index and the Nasdaq-100 index.

Power Measurement - Enterprise Energy Management Systems

energy, energy management, enterprise energy management, ION meter.

Power Measurement is a leading provider of enterprise energy management systems for energy suppliers, service providers and large consumers.

Our ION® web-ready software and intelligent metering and control devices comprise a complete, real-time information and control network that helps manage complex energy contracts, improve power quality, reduce energy costs and keep operations running enterprise-wide, 24 hours a day.

Power Measurement's monthly e-newsletter highlights energy management trends and innovations and includes useful tips, contest giveaways and helpful information on ION® enterprise energy management products and systems.

Use a browser to view readings on your ION meter.

Seanix Technology Inc.

Seanix, industry, coast, ability.

From its humble beginnings, Seanix quickly grew and soon launched its own product lines.

Seanix has two offices, our head office and manufacturing facility located in Richmond, BC and our eastern office located in Montreal.

Because of this ability to shift focus and keep up with the rapidily changing pace of the industry, Seanix quickly became and has maintained its place as Canada's number one PC manufacturer.

Our ability to meet and surpass our customer's needs has been developed over the past sixteen years in the industry and is supported by our strong coast to coast service network.

We not only sell products and services -- we build relationships.

Sierra Wireless-The Leader in Wireless Data Communications Hardware and Software.

wireless, Sierra Wireless, wireless data, network.

Company Background - Sierra Wireless is a leading provider of wireless data devices and enabling software.

In this global, high growth industry, Sierra Wireless is the wireless enabler for laptops and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), providing wireless access to the Internet for people using these portable information devices.

The company was instrumental in developing the first wireless data network and continues to innovate with new products and software for emerging networks.

Sierra Wireless has established itself as a leading source of wireless modem solutions to OEM's such as Panasonic and Toshiba and to some of the most demanding customers in such sectors as police, public utilities, transportation, field service, field sales as well as mobile professionals.

Wireless Signal Processing and Packet-Voice Processing - Spectrum

signal processing, customer, network, communications.

Company Profile Spectrum Signal Processing Inc. (TSX: SSY, NASDAQ: SSPI) designs and manufactures industry-leading high performance signal processing engines and subsystems that acquire, process and transmit signals for wireless signal processing and packet-voice applications.

Our flexComm products enable government agencies to perform signals intelligence activities more effectively and accurately, allow different military units to securely communicate with each other by changing communications protocols in real-time, and provide commercial satellite and cellular service providers with the ability to offer expanded services.

We set ourselves apart from the competition through our high performance and high-density signal processing technology, our market-speed solutions, and our customer focus - from our customer support and training to our flexible approach to customer needs through custom solutions.

Vortek - Advanced Semiconductor RTP

Vortek, design, arc lamp, delivery.

Vortek is focused on developing advanced Semiconductor Rapid Thermal Processing solutions for the 90nm node and below.

The company's core technology is the Vortek water-wall arc lamp, the world's most powerful arc lamp system.

Vortek has operated internationally for more than 25 years, serving specialized markets in thermal test/heat treatment and solar simulation.

These form the basis of the advanced RTP technology that is now the core of our business.

Chip photo-micrographic image provided courtesy of the Florida State University and Michael W. Davidson,

Xantrex Technology Inc.

power, Vice President, Touche, Officer.

Xantrex Technology develops, manufactures and markets advanced power electronic products.

The company's products convert raw electrical power from any central, distributed, or backup power source into high-quality power required by electronic and electrical equipment.

Board of Directors Anthony Bloom, Rothschild Investment Trust PLC, London England Christopher S. Brothers, Oaktree Capital Management LLC, Los Angeles, CA David Levi, GrowthWorks Capital Ltd., Vancouver, BC Lisa Melchior, Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System, Toronto, Ont.

Ian A. Schapiro, GFI Energy Ventures LLC, Los Angeles, CA Mossadiq S. Umedaly, Xantrex Technology Inc., Burnaby, BC Peter van der Gracht, WaveMakers Research, Inc., Vancouver BC

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