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Top Food Processors In The Lower Mainland BC Hot House

: House Foods.

Copyright © 2001 BC Hot House Foods Inc.

Welcome to Dairyland, Your Fresh Ideas Dairy

: milk, vitamin, fat, Dairyland, Homogenization, Pasteurization, Dairyland Skim, fat free milk, calcium, regular, cream, temperature, health, partly skimmed milk, raw milk, unpasteurized raw milk, consumers, carton, sour, international units, legislation, bacteria.

Q: What does partly skimmed milk mean?

A: Partly skimmed milk is milk that has had some of the fat physically removed.

Examples are 1% and 2% Dairyland partly skimmed milks.

Homogenization means that the milk fat globules are physically broken up by specialized equipment into very small particles.

Q: Does PASTEURIZATION affect the nutritional value of milk?

A: Pasteurization does not affect the quality or the quantity of calcium, protein, riboflavin or vitamin A in fluid milk.

A: Dairyland Skim, 1% and 2% milks are fortified with not less than 1200 international units of Vitamin A per litre, as required by Canada's Food & Drug Regulations.

The Freybe Tradition

: Freybe, Canada, reputation, sausage, Stettin, Japan, United States, serves customers, life, great-grandson, Ulrich Freybe, confines, spread, secrets, master sausage, Succeeding generations, employees, dedicated team, varieties, product assortment, Germany, founding.

Since its founding in 1844 in Stettin, Germany, FREYBE SAUSAGE has gained a reputation of excellence for a product assortment of more than 120 varieties created by our dedicated team of employees.

Succeeding generations have used the master sausage maker's secrets to spread the Freybe reputation for quality far beyond the confines of Stettin.

In 1955 Ulrich Freybe, Johann's great-grandson, immigrated to Canada to start a new life with his young family.FREYBE has grown over six generations and now serves customers across Canada, the United States and Japan.

Golden Valley Foods Ltd.

: eggs, yolk, blood spots, young flock, barns, birds, lay, rings, yellow-orange, brown, water, common problem, iron, cooking, Hens, chances, plant, container, candling, improper, hard-cooked egg yolks, greenish.

Blood spots are also called meat spots.

Rather, they are caused by the rupture of a blood vessel on the yolk surface during formation of the egg or by a similar accident in the wall of the oviduct.

Secondly, during the candling procedure, the brown shell of the egg appears to have a red tint to it, which makes the task of looking for a red spot behind it extremely difficult.

Most double yolk eggs are produced by young birds, so therefore barns that contain young flocks have a large concentration of these eggs.

Knowing all this, if you look at the extra large and large eggs coming from a young flock, the chances of it being a double yolker are actually quite high.

who main

: Labatt, brewery, innovate, Mexico.

Labatt has been shaped by a century and a half of brewing excellence.

The inheritors of this proud tradition look ahead to future challenges and taking Labatt to great heights in the new millennium.

In its more than 150 years, Labatt has never lost sight of the fact that it's in the business to serve customers.

The company's challenge is to continue to create innovative ways to enhance products, relationships and results.

Simply stated, to become the best brewery in the Americas.

And to do so, Labatt will strive to listen better, learn faster and innovate smarter.

Lilydale Foods

: food, Lilydale, marketplace, food safety.

Our Company Lilydale Foods, established in 1940 has developed a reputation for providing premium quality food products throughout Western Canada.

Lilydale operates eight processing plants, five hatcheries, six corporate farms, one egg plant and one manufacturing plant.

Product offerings include both fresh and further processed chicken, turkey, beef and pork.

As well, under the guidance of the Research and Development team, Lilydale is constantly creating new products in order to meet the demands of the ever-changing marketplace.

We are constantly looking for new methods and technologies that will further enhance food safety at every stage of production.

We've implemeted these comprehensive food safety processes and procedures as part of HACCP (pronounced 'hass-sip' and short for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System).

Molson - Company Information - History

: Molson, brands, brewer, profitable growth.

The realization of this vision entails delivering profitable growth and sustainable long-term shareholder value.

Molson is proactively driving both profitable growth and value through continuous improvement in Canada and the pursuit of key opportunities in the United States and Brazil.

In 2001, Molson repurchased 100% of the Molson brands in the United States and has a 50.1% interest in Molson USA, which markets the Molson brands in the United States.

Molson's acquisition of the Kaiser brand in 2002, combined with its previous purchase of Bavaria in 2000, firmly positions it as the second largest brewer in Brazil and the 13th largest in the world.

Money's Mushrooms Ltd. At A Glance - Hoover's Online

: mushrooms, food, fresh, production.

Money's Mushrooms owns mushroom compost, spawn production, fresh growing and processing facilities in Canada and the US.

It supplies fresh mushrooms and value-added mushroom products to retail food outlets and food manufacturers in North America.

Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd. - Corporate Information

: Coffee, Tea, blending, Adobe.

With its Head Office located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, Murchie's Tea & Coffee began its Tradition of Excellence in 1894.

From the beginning, John Murchie, our founder, firmly established Murchie's unique craft in the superior selection, blending and preparation of choice teas and coffees.

Through everyday hard work, a passion for teas & coffees, and listening to each of our customers expectations and product enjoyment, we have been rewarded with solid growth.

The article is provided in both Adobe PDF (400K), (for the original format with pictures) and in HTML.

Click here if you don't already have the Adobe Reader. - The North American leader in certified organic cereals - Welcome to Nature's Path

: organically-grown, food, soil, environment.

There's a very simple reason why many of the world's top chefs call for organically-grown food in their recipes.

Organic farming starts with the nourishment of the soil.

Healthy soil starts with a healthy attitude.

This complex multitude of microscopic life not only adds to the biomass of the planet, but adds the fullness of life to the food we eat.

While fumigants, fungicides and waxes may extend shelf life, they don't extend any hope to tired taste buds.

Once we add in the long term environmental costs, it's estimated that a head of lettuce we pay 49¢ for today will cost an extra $2 to $3 in subsidies, environmental degradation and added health care costs over the long term.

Your food choice determines how our environment is treated.

Rogers Sugar

: sugar, Rogers, facility, refinery.

Rogers is the leading refiner, processor, distributor and marketer of sugar products in Western Canada.

As the sole sugar processor in Western Canada, Rogers supplies over 90% of the demand for refined sugar.

Rogers has been in the sugar business since 1890.

The Company has two sugar processing facilities, a cane sugar refinery in Vancouver, British Columbia and a sugar beet processing facility in Taber, Alberta.

The Company expanded into the processing of sugar beets with the purchase of a factory in Raymond, Alberta in 1931.

Rogers ceased production at the Winnipeg facility in January 1997 and operates a single newly expanded facility in Taber Alberta.

Vitality Beverage

: beverages, juices, Vitality Foodservice, dispensing.

Vitality Beverages, Inc. is a leading supplier of juices and juice drinks to both the retail and foodservice market segments.

Three distinct operating subsidiaries provide consumers with the highest quality hot and cold beverages.

Vitality's subsidiaries include: Pasco Beverage Company, the largest manufacturer of private label retail juices and juice drinks in North America; Vitality Foodservice, Inc., the leader in dispensed hot and cold beverages; and Vitality Foodservice Canada, Ltd., the Canadian market leader.

Three key areas drive Vitality's success --- superior quality, state-of-the art dispensing equipment and service second to none.

Come in and learn more about our company, our products and our commitment to serving your beverage needs.

YVC - Message from Yves

: Yves, Eve, pronounce, consumers.

My name is Yves...yes, as you may have guessed, of Yves Veggie Cuisine.

I founded this company in 1985 with a vision of creating a new generation of food to meet the needs of health conscious consumers.

Today, I am proud to offer you a full line of nutritious, convenient and tasty food made from soy protein and 100% vegetable sources.

It's an opportunity for us to learn how we can serve you better, share ideas and stay in touch with each other.

Since my goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, I would truly appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Just drop the "s" at the end of "Yves" and pronounce it "Eve" - like "Christmas Eve."

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