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Making our province greener.

BC Hydro - Power Smart at Home - Fridge Buy-Back Program

Your old fridge is worth $30 in cold hard cash.
Is there an energy guzzling monster in YOUR basement?
BC Hydro will pickup and recycle your old, inefficient second fridge and give you $30 for it.
Your energy guzzling second fridge could be costing you up to $100 a year to operate.
We can help you save on the expense of getting rid of it.
As long as your second fridge measures between 10-24 cubic feet and is still in working condition, the pick-up and recycling are on us.
Refrigerators are one of the highest energy users in your home.
If all second operating fridges were recycled in British Columbia, enough energy would be saved to power all the homes in the City of Chilliwack for an entire year.
Using environmentally sound methods, we'll safely recycle the ozone-depleting refrigerant and metal.
And by lowering your energy consumption you'll help delay the need for new generating facilities.
To arrange for the free pickup of your second working fridge, call 604 881-HELP (4357) or 1 866 516-HELP (4357) outside of the Lower Mainland and please have your BC Hydro or New Westminster customer account number on hand.
Fridge must be in working condition and between 10-24 cubic feet.
Maximum two fridges per BC Hydro or New Westminster customer account.
Stand alone freezers are not eligible for this program.


BC Hydro - Power Smart at Home - Lighting Rebates
We thank those who participated in the rebate program.
Replace your standard incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to save money and save the environment.
Recycle your old compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.
See how much you can save, try the lighting calculator.
Make your next light an ENERGY STAR®.
Copyright © 2007 BC Hydro, All rights reserved.


Car Heaven
Clean Air Foundation wins a CAA Pyramid Award of Recognition with GM Canada, for Car Heaven!
Car Heaven has removed 50,577 old vehicles from Canada's roads!
¹ based on a detailed analysis of 12,332 of the total 16,856 total vehicle scrapped and replaced in 2006, using Mobile 6.2C modeling analysis.
² the CO2 analysis assumes that the replacement vehicle and scrapped vehicle are both driven 20,000 km per year.


Cash For Clunkers
What do we look for in people we hire?
This is a voluntary program ending March 2007.
The Cash for Clunkers Clean Air Rewards Program is working to improve Central Okanagan air quality by encouraging residents to trade in older, high-polluting vehicles in exchange for incentives that support more environmentally friendly forms of transportation.
Only a limited number of awards might be offered to individual owners of qualifying vehicles on a first-come, first-served basis.
Up to $500 towards the purchase of an electric powered device (bicycle, scooter, etc.) The electric device incentive amounts to 50% of the purchase price up to a maximum of $500.
Up to $250 towards the purchase of unlimited pairs of footwear (inline skates, running shoes, skateboard etc...)
Up to $750 towards the purchase of a new vehicle (2004 OR newer models) with a city fuel consumption rating of at least 7.3 litres per 100 kilometres or 39 miles per gallon/city.* (*Must be purchased at a participating dealer to get full cash amount, $250 from the dealer and $500 from Cash for Clunkers).
Important: $250 is deducted from the bill of sale by our participating dealers and $500 is paid to you by the Cash for Clunkers Program for a total of $750 in discounts.
If you buy an approved fuel efficient vehicle from a dealer that is not participating in this program you will receive only $500 from the Cash for Clunkers Program.
You must apply, be approved, and recycle your vehicle before obtaining an incentive.


Citizens Bank of Canada - Clean Air Auto Loan :
Like you, we care about our environment.
So, we do more than just applaud your decision to purchase a low emissions vehicle.
We reward your environmental efforts by saving you money on your car loan.
Our Clean Air Auto Loan is a personal loan for up to $35,000 with a fantastic rate as low as Prime.
The low rate could save you up to $3,000 in interest over five years* and at the same time you contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
We have a list of eligible vehicles that are split in to two tiers based on CO2 emissions.
Tier 1 contains only vehicles that have been specifically designed for superior environmental performance and have been positioned in the market as such.
Tier 2 contains vehicles that are not necessarily positioned in the market as environmentally superior, but which do actually emit significantly less CO2 than the average vehicle.
Choose a term from 6 months to 5 years.
Repay all or part of your loan at any time, without penalty.
Cut your gas bill by $1,500 and reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 6,000kgs over five years**.
* Saving based on 3% interest discount on a $35,000 loan ** Natural Resources Canada, Personal vehicle program *** The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on a loan of $35,000 with monthly payments and a 5 year term.


ecoAUTO Program - Transport Canada :
Canadian drivers are looking to lower their fuel bills.
The ecoAUTO Rebate Program gives them a good way to do it!
As part of the Government of Canada's plan to protect the environment, the ecoAUTO Rebate Program encourages Canadians to buy fuel-efficient vehicles.
It offers rebates from $1000 to $2000, to people who, beginning March 20, 2007, buy or enter a long-term lease (12 months or more) for a fuel-efficient vehicle.
With the ecoAUTO Rebate Program, the Government commits $160 million over two years to offer performance-based rebates on new light duty vehicles.
Automakers are making real progress in offering fuel-efficient vehicles, so a growing number of makes and models qualify for the ecoAUTO Rebate.
The list of eligible vehicles is established by Transport Canada.
The list will be reviewed as fuel consumption performance of new vehicles improves -- and their fuel efficiency ratings become available.
New cars getting 6.5 L/100km or better and new light trucks getting 8.3 L/100km or better.
The list features hybrid electric and highly energy efficient vehicles.
In addition, new flexible-fuel vehicles with combined fuel consumption E85 ratings of 13.0 L/100km or less will be eligible.
CFCR - 'Combined Fuel Consumption Rating' as submitted by each vehicle's manufacturer to Transport Canada's Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Information System.
This value can be approximated by adding 55% of the vehicle's city fuel consumption rating to 45% of the vehicle's highway fuel consumption rating.
Since a number of Canadian provinces offer similar rebates on advanced technology and fuel-efficient vehicles, you could be eligible for both federal and provincial rebates.


sst_011.pdf :
This bulletin provides specific tax information to explain the exemptions from social service tax, also called provincial sales tax (PST), that relate to energy conservation.
For general PST information that applies to all businesses, such as who needs to register, when general exemptions apply, and how to charge and collect the PST, please read our Small Business Guide to Provincial Sales Tax (PST).
The following material and equipment that prevent heat loss from a building are exempt from PST.
Rigid or semi rigid insulation attached to buildings also qualifies for exemption.
To qualify, the caulking must specify a use designed to prevent heat loss from a building, such as "suitable for use around window/door frames" or "seals out moisture and drafts" (e.g., "bathtub" caulking would not qualify).
Gas fired forced air furnaces, oil fired forced air furnaces, boilers, and air or ground source heat pumps are eligible for exemption if they are listed as being ENERGY STAR® Qualified by the Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada, at the time of purchase or lease.
For heat pumps, the exemption includes all major components integral to a heat pump system, including evaporator, coils, condenser, compressor, accumulator, expansion device, heat exchanger, valves, fans, blowers, pumps and controls, as well as piping, refrigerant solutions circulated within closed loop heat pump systems, and energy efficient recovery thermostats.
The exemption does not include ductwork or other heating distribution systems used to circulate air in a residence, generic thermostats, or supplementary heating systems that are not integral to a heat pump system.


sst_001.pdf :
This bulletin outlines the application of social service tax to the sale of bicycles, bicycle parts, accessories, and safety equipment, and to charges for repair and installation of such items.
The information in this bulletin is provided for your convenience and guidance and is not a replacement for the legislation.
Under the Social Service Tax Act, non-motorized two wheeled bicycles are exempt from tax.
Social service tax does not apply to the sale or lease of such bicycles.
Tricycles, unicycles and non-motorized scooters do not qualify for this exemption.
Tax must therefore be collected on the sale or lease price of such items.
Repair or replacement parts for non-motorized two wheeled bicycles qualify for exemption when purchased over the counter or installed by the seller.
Charges for services provided to repair bicycles or install replacement parts are also exempt from tax.
Accessory items may only be sold exempt from tax if installed on a two wheel bicycle by the seller at the time the bicycle is sold.
Charges for installation are also exempt from tax at this time.
Sales of accessories and charges for installation which occur subsequent to the time the bicycle is sold are subject to social service tax.
Items such as oil and grease, tube repair kits, bicycle trailers, and pant clips are not considered to be either parts or accessories of the bicycle and are subject to the social service tax, regardless of when they are purchased.
The following safety related equipment used by bicyclists is exempt from social service tax regardless of when the item is purchased.


CFLRebateOffer-7.pdf :
Rebate is 50% of the cost for each bulb purchased to a maximum of $5.00 per bulb.
Only original sales receipts can be used as proof of purchase.
Original receipts will not be returned to the purchaser.
POWERSENSE is an energy efficiency initiative and registered trademark of FortisBC and is brought to you in cooperation with the electric utilities of Grand Forks, Kelowna, Penticton, Summerland, Nelson Hydro and Princeton Light & Power.


Tax Credit for Public Transit Passes :
Currently a non-refundable public transit tax credit can be claimed based on the cost of monthly public transit passes.
The March 19, 2007 federal budget proposes to expand the eligibility criteria for the transit tax credit beginning January 1, 2007.
I did not keep receipts or old passes between January 1st and today.
The card is issued by a public transit authority that records and provides a receipt for the cost and usage of the card.
What will I need to support my claim?
My employer has told me that my payroll deductions toward my transit pass will be included on my T4.
I use more than one method of public transit to commute.
How do I make a claim for an annual student pass purchased for the 2006-2007 school year?
You will be able to claim the tax credit for public transit passes on your 2006 income tax return for the amounts you have paid for travel that occurs after June 30, 2006.
The CRA will accept receipts (letters) generated by employers or Employer Pass Program Coordinators for employer transit pass programs.
The receipt should note the purpose, exact amount received, date of payment, and name of the payee.
Box 84 has to be completed whether the employee purchases the pass through payroll deductions or the employer pays for it or provides it free.
If you paid for your 2007 annual pass in 2006, you will only be able to claim the tax credit on your 2007 tax return, because no portion of the cost of the 2007 annual pass was used for travel in 2006.


Office of Energy Efficiency – ecoENERGY Retrofit :
Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan's) ecoENERGY Retrofit program provides financial support to homeowners, small and medium-sized businesses, industrial facilities and public institutions to help them implement energy saving projects that reduce energy-related greenhouse gases (GHGs) and air pollution, thereby contributing to a cleaner environment for all Canadians.
ecoENERGY Retrofit  Homes is available to owners of single family homes including detached, semi-detached and low rise multi-unit residential buildings.
Property owners can qualify for federal grants by improving the energy efficiency of their homes, and reducing their home's impact on the environment.
The maximum grant one can receive per home or multi-unit residential building is $5,000; whereas the total grant amount available to one individual or entity for eligible properties over the life of the program is $500,000.
ecoEnergy Retrofit program provides a financial incentive of up to 25% of project costs to a maximum of $50,000 to help small and medium-sized commercial and institutional buildings and industrial facilities implement energy saving projects.


BC Branch KFOC - Kidney Car Program :
The Kidney Car Program would be happy to take your unwanted car, truck or van off your hands.
Donating your vehicle will give you the satisfaction of cleaning up the air and making a difference in the life of someone with kidney disease.
The Foundation recycles donated vehicles and dollars earned go towards its fight against kidney disease.
In 2004, we received over 1,300 cars, raising more than $76,000 to support BC kidney patients.
To donate a vehicle, please call the Kidney Car Line for your area.
To learn more about the Kidney Car Program please visit our FAQ.


Project Porchlight - Change within reach! :
The very latest, in the Porchlight blog.
Get the details in our media kit.
Project Porchlight supports the federal governmentâ¬(TM)s initiative to ban inefficient lighting by 2012.
The phase-out period will provide a framework and timeline for national programs such as Project Porchlight to help people make the transition from wasteful old-fashioned bulbs to efficient lighting technologies, such as compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.
By declaring a national ban, the federal government will set the stage for Canadians to switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, and then continue on to more complex energy conservation actions.
Project Porchlight is a campaign of One Change, a not-for-profit organization based in Ottawa, Ontario.
The campaignâ¬(TM)s goal is to bring together business, community groups and volunteers to deliver one free compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) to every household in Canada.
Weâ¬(TM)ve seen how putting a light bulb into someoneâ¬(TM)s hand empowers them.
Suddenly, taking action on climate change and rising energy costs is as easy as changing a light bulb.
A complete archive of Porchlight news stories is available.
What will we do after Hersheys closes the chocolate factory??
Yes, we're less than an hour away from a very productive Hershey's chocolate factory, in Smiths Falls.
Which won't help in our attempts to eat locally, that is only eat food produced within fairly close proximity of our town.
Pet droppings can be carried by storm water into lakes and rivers.
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Sunshine Coast Regional District - Infrastructure - Water :
The exception to this is Tuwanek and Sandy Hook who enjoy Gray Creek water during summer months to offset demand on the Chapman Creek supply.
Revenue is used for construction projects in the SCRD 10 Year Waterworks Upgrading Plan and to repay capital debt.
"The water source includes Chapman and Grey Creeks and Chaster Well with treatment at the Chapman and Gray Creek sources.
The new Water Treatment Plant is adjacent to the existing Selma Park Zone 2 reservoir.
Water flows from the intake on Chapman Creek through an existing sedimentation box, where the water flow is slowed to allow settling of sand which can be manually flushed out.
During lower flows from October to April, one process train and two filters are in operation; with both trains and four filters required for the spring and summer month's operations.
This will apply to all building permits/plumbing permits applied for on or after July 3, 2002 where the property is serviced by the SCRD Water Distribution System.
Xeriscaping strives to use less water by landscaping with drought-tolerant plants and encourages the use of native plants.
For a list of drought-tolerant plants, click here.
Household water use increases dramatically (as much as 100%) during the summer months when drinking-quality water is applied to the lawn, garden and landscape.

Currently, staff are drafting amendments to the SCRD Water Rates and Regulations Bylaw No. 422 and reviewing options for incorporating Water Meter Installation Standards and Specifications into the SCRD Subdivision Servicing Bylaw No. 320.


Sunshine Coast Regional District Bathroom Fixture Replacement :
The SCRD is pleased to announce that the Bathroom Fixture Replacement Program will be offered again this year!
The SCRD's Bathroom Fixture Replacement Program received overwhelming response in 2006 - its first year up and running.
A great big congratulations to all those water-smart people who demonstrated a commitment to water conservation by participating in this progressive program - the first of it's kind (that we know of) in Canada!
This program allows residents to swap out up to 2 of their old 13+ litre toilets for a new dual flush Caroma toilet AT NO CHARGE.
This FREE Package also includes low flow showerhead and a low flow faucet aerator; all installed at no charge to you.
Please note that while the old $200 toilet rebate program will continue to be available for SCRD customers who would prefer this option, the new program has been designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible to make it easy for you, the water customer.
Under the old rebate program you had to purchase your new toilet and pay for installation before you could receive your rebate.
Increasing growth and development within our region places increasing stress on our drinking water supplies and on our existing infrastructure.
By conserving hot water with your new shower head and faucet aerator, you can cut your energy consumption and save on your hydro bills while reducing your contribution to greenhouse gas production.
Caroma toilets are easy to clean and employ award winning technology that virtually eliminates blockages.
Finally you can put that toilet plunger away!


BC Hydro - Power Smart at Home - Windows Rebate Program :
Increase your comfort and reduce your heating bill with rebates for ENERGY STAR® labelled windows.
ENERGY STAR® labelled windows are Provincial Sales Tax (PST) exempt and they can help you increase comfort and reduce your heating bill.
Heating your home can often account for more than half of your home's energy bill.
Windows are areas of heat loss; up to one-third of the heat from your home can escape through windows.
For more information on ENERGY STAR labelled windows, talk to your local window contractor or retailer or read the windows and doors h.e.l.p.
ENERGY STAR is an international symbol that identifies manufacturers' products as the most energy-efficient in their category.
It is a simple way to quickly identify the most energy-efficient product when evaluating your purchase decision.
Ask your local window contractor or salesperson for ENERGY STAR labelled windows.
Most ENERGY STAR qualified windows are visibly labelled with the ENERGY STAR label such as the one below.
British Columbia is divided into three climate zones and ENERGY STAR labelled windows are designed for the region you live in.
Use the map on the right to determine which ENERGY STAR labelled window is right for your home.
The term of this program offering is to be determined by BC Hydro and may be modified or terminated without prior notice.
The rebate amount could be modified or terminated at any time, subject to available funding.
The ENERGY STAR labelled windows must be qualified under the Canadian criteria and the model numbers must be listed on Natural Resources Canada's website at the time of purchase.


Vancity - Clean Air Auto Loan :
Like you, we care about our environment.
So, if you need a car, we do more than just applaud your decision to purchase a vehicle with low carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
We reward your environmental efforts by saving you money on your car loan.
Our Clean Air Auto Loan is a personal loan at a reduced rate for new vehicles with the lowest CO2 emissions.
Please visit a Vancity branch or call 604-877-7000 for more information.
** Based on Natural Resources Canada's Annual Fuel Consumption Rankings.
*** Saving based on 3% interest discount on a $35,000 loan.
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