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Top Construction Companies In Greater Vancouver Beedie Group Contact Information

Beedie Group, Burnaby, Kingsway, website.

Thank you for visiting the Beedie Group's new website.

Bird Construction Company Ltd.

construction, clients, Bird Construction Company, energy.

Our range of services, depth of resources and professional skill enable us to secure clients' needs in all the above market sectors.

Let our experience work to your advantage.

We are focused on making the construction of our clients' facilities as smooth as possible.

We put as much thought, care and energy into the construction of your projects as you have put into the decision to build it.

Dominion Construction

partnering, flexibility, strength, integration.

A construction company's success is not determined by revenue alone.

More integration, for expedient and efficient completion of a quality product; more strength from superior knowledge gained through credible work experience; more flexibility to complete any project, regardless of its size or purpose; and more partnering between a company, its clients and all project stakeholders for a better understanding of the task at hand.

For Dominion Construction, integration, strength, flexibility and partnering work together as a means of success and, for more than 90 years, a way of life.

Haebler Construction -About Us

construction, Haebler, Management, Superintendent.

Haebler Construction recognizes the need for flexibility throughout the entire construction process -- from the initial concept of a project through to completion, and afterwards.

Haebler Construction started in 1959 with public bids for schools, park boards and custom homes, then took on larger projects, such as the Physical Education Centre at UBC and the library additions at Simon Fraser University, along with many types of Social and market housing, including "False Creek Redevelopment" in Vancouver.

He worked his way up to Superintendent, and in 1959 he established Haebler Construction Ltd. Hans is known for his perfectionism and integrity.

He is currently taking his Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management and has previously completed a 2 year program in Mechanical Engineering.

Corporate Introduction

construction, clients, Intertech, management.

Since it's founding in 1980, Intertech has become one of BC's most experienced and respected general contractors, with annual revenues of approximately $80 million.

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Intertech is strategically located to serve the needs of its clients both locally and internationally.

These projects have been successfully completed for both public and private clients under a variety of project delivery methods, including general contracting, construction management, and design/build.

Our mission is to continually develop a top line construction company that progresses successfully into the future, building a reputation based on knowledge, skill, intergrity and lasting relationships within an organization that values trust communication, and commitment to client satisfaction.

We provide unbiased independent advice to the development industry, so that building owners are served by increased productivity and efficiency in the design and construction process.

Kiewit - About Us

contracts, mining, construction, Kiewit.

During the past century, Kiewit has become a highly diversified construction and mining organization.

We offer experience in all construction segments: transportation, building, industrial, marine, mining, offshore and underground.

We can meet the needs of a variety of projects---from $100,000 to billion dollar contracts.

In fact, we operate through a decentralized network of offices as a local contractor with an average contract size of less than $15 million.

Kindred Construction - Our Approach

client, ability, commitment, Safety.

Our commitment to quality and to understanding and achieving a client's vision and goals on time and within budget creates the foundation for each and every Kindred project.

Our strength lies in our ability to assemble the right team for each unique job, and to employ both innovative and proven construction technology to support them from start to finish.

The client is kept connected to the project through regular and detailed reporting, but they are never burdened with having to "live" each and every minute aspect of the project.

In every market sector, with every project, with every client, Kindred's commitment remains the same.

[PCL Constructors Corporate Website]

PCL, construction, employee, Canada.

PCL has a reputation as a construction leader: a strong, reliable and successful contracting entity that prides itself on producing a quality product that meets or exceeds client expectations.

It is this reputation for construction excellence that makes us one of the leading general contracting organizations in North America.

Approximately 55 per cent are located in Canada, and 45 per cent in the United States.

We are proud to report that this is our 25 th year anniversary of employee ownership.

· PCL has been ranked #1 among Canada's Top 100 Contractors by Heavy Construction News for more than 20 consecutive years, or in the words of the publisher, Russ Noble, we've earned the top spot "for longer than anyone around here on Heavy Construction News can remember."

Corporate Information

Scott Canada, construction, clients, design.

From its inception in 1984, SCOTT CANADA has grown to be one of the largest Vancouver based construction companies.

At the heart of our systems approach is state-of-the-art computer software employed by professionals experienced in all aspects of development, from design, through planning and engineering, to construction.

We at SCOTT CANADA firmly believe that a successful project will only be achieved when the client, consultant, and contractors all work together as a TEAM.

SCOTT CANADA'S input into the building design process through pre-construction services has been invaluable to our clients and consultants over the years.

We have provided both consulting and contracting services on many different projects, and will always maintain our standards of performance and quality.

About Us

marine, Vancouver, cranes, marine terminals.

Since 1913, Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd. and its predecessor company Dillingham Construction Canada, have built many of the major marine facilities along the rugged coastline and inland waters of British Columbia, Canada.

All along the West Coast, a long list of docks and terminal facilities stand in testimony of VPDL's proven capabilities in work ranging from repairs and renovations to the construction of entire marine terminals.

Our marine base in the Vancouver Harbour provides support to our fleet of crane mounted marine derricks, scows, truck cranes, and workboats.

The capacity of our fleet of marine derricks is the largest in Western Canada with cranes of rated capacity of up to 230 tons.

United Savings Credit Union

RRSP, United Savings, fortune, Savings retirement options.

Make your own fortune with a United Savings RRSP!

Contribute to an RRSP now and save for your future when you can most afford it --- during your peak earning years.

Not only will your investment compound tax-free until the proceeds are withdrawn, but you will also receive a tax break for your contribution this year.

Celebrate the sweet taste of success and good fortune with United Savings retirement options!

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