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Top Computer Consulting Firms In British Columbia
FAQ About Us
Accenture, operating, Accenture Canada, business.

How many people does Accenture Canada employ?

What are Operating Groups and Service Lines?

What is Accenture's "Network of Businesses" strategy?

We have offices in Toronto/Toronto West, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver.

In addition, we have operational sites in Edmonton and Fredericton.

We have 32 Partners and 34 Associate Partners across the country.

Kim Petersen, a business consultant working for Accenture in Norway, submitted the name Accenture.

Kim said that in trying to come up with a new name, he focused on things like bold growth, operational excellence and a great work environment.

Operating Groups are industry groups that describe where people develop industry acumen and undertake client work.

Burntsand - Contact/Locations

Burntsand, Disclaimer, staff members, upcoming Burntsand events.

The following information should help you email Burntsand staff members directly or obtain further information from Burntsand.

For mailing addresses choose "Locations" link on the left.

Note: For mail addresses please go to our Locations page or Print Version Page.

Please go to the Apply Online page and fill out the form available.

Disclaimer: The information entered is for the expressed intended purpose and to provide information on future Burntsand activities and events.

Burntsand disclaims any responsibility and liability for the accidental or willful misuse of this information by employees and/or third parties regardless of how access is gained to said information.

About - FUJITSU Consulting - Canada

Fujitsu Consulting, Canada, management, sectors.

Fujitsu Consulting, which changed its name on April 1, 2002, was formerly known as DMR Consulting and continues to operate in Québec as DMR conseil.

The second Montréal office, located in the prestigious Cité du Multimédia, is occupied by a subsidiary, MetaLink, that specializes in website development.

At an operational level, the country is divided into four market segments based on geographic location: Atlantic Canada, Québec, Ontario and Western Canada.

The company has experience and expertise in most economic sectors but, in terms of their relative importance, it is most active in the government, financial services, energy, telecommunications and manufacturing sectors.

About IBM - Canada

IBM, IBM Canada, technology, employees.

As a technology-based solutions company, IBM is dedicated to helping its customers solve their business problems, pursue new market opportunities and become more productive through the innovative application of e-business and Internet technology.

Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, IBM Canada has nationwide responsibilities for marketing and service.

IBM Canada is a strong believer in the skills development of its employees and invested over $68 million in employee education and training in 2001.

IBM Canada contributes to the Canadian economy through significant investment, job creation, use of Canadian suppliers and extensive participation in university research programs.

Corporate contributions valued at more than $2.2 million, in the form of IBM technology and cash, benefited Canadian communities in 2001.

IKON Technology Services Inc.--- Corporate Overview

IKON, technology, technology services, IKON office solutions.

IKON Office Solutions Technology Services is an operating unit of IKON Office Solutions, Inc., a full spectrum office technology solutions company, providing a single source for hardware, software and services.

The Canadian District of IKON Technology Services currently operates in five branch locations: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

IKON's products and services will improve your company's information creation and management abilities, streamline your workflow processes and enhance your competitive positioning, no matter what type of office environment or industry you operate in.

IKON currently maintains one principal web site in the United States that serves the entire customer base worldwide, for all IKON operating units.

Company Profile of the RSC Group

RSC, industry, clients, RSC Group.

"All the RSC Consultants and staff we have worked with have been very knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with."

The RSC Group recommends, implements, modifies, and integrates Financial Information Systems for a wide number of industries.

Search out the best software solutions in the industry.

Develop better ways to harness technology and the internet to add more value to our services.

Recruit the best in the industry as employees and RSC team members.

Develop strong business relationships with companies that complement our services.

Continue to foster long-term relationships with our clients long after our solutions are implemented and fully operational.

Improve our "skills transfer" approach to allow us to achieve a high level of client ownership.

About Sierra Systems

clients, business, commitments, success.

Today, we are nearly 1000 employees in 14 locations across the United States and Canada, with seven specialty practices and an extensive list of prominent organizations we proudly call our clients.

Integrity and Honesty We are open and honest with all individuals in our business: each other, our staff, our clients and our suppliers.

Respect and Loyalty We respect each other as persons in all situations, support each other in all situations and remain committed to each otherâ¬(TM)s welfare and success.

Commitment to Clients We identify and make long-term commitments to our clients.

Managed Growth The information technology industry is expanding rapidly.

Steeves Services

partners, business, Steeves, Canadian Information Processing.

At Steeves and Associates we provide business solutions that give our clients the competitive edge.

These are the new business structures and Steeves has been a leading implementer of the technologies that make them possible.

At Steeves, we have made the investment in knowledge, process, and people to build reliable networks that enable collaboration and support teamwork.

We integrate leading technologies from top vendors to ensure we are using the latest and most innovative approaches, while at the same time minimizing risk.

We have built a reputation for innovation, quality, and our people.

We have the highest relationships possible with our key partners and are their preferred partners in this region.


TELUS, community, investment, seminars.

View annual report, stock quotes, shareholder information, investment profile and much more.

Information for the media - news releases, events, speeches and corporate profile information.

Browse current career opportunities, view corporate information and apply for jobs online.

Community investment program, sponsorships, TELUS funds and employee community program.

Information on new area codes, service issues, company research and development and much more.

TELUS offers a wide range of seminars on various industry topics.

Westech Information Systems >> About Westech
now Westech Information Systems is now part of Accenture Business Services of British Columbia. Please visit us at our new home: About Us >> Accenture Business Services of British Columbia
customer services, Accenture Business Services, outsourcing, British Columbia, Canada, back-office, suite, exceptional customer service, outsourcing capabilities, broad range, first company, Hydro, Controller, Business Support Services, Building Office Services, Supply Chain, infrastructure, utility industry, Columbia Limited Partnership.
Review: Accenture Business Services of British Columbia Limited Partnership offers a full range of outsourcing services to the utility industry.
From IT infrastructure to HR services, from Customer Services to Supply Chain and Building Office Services, from Application Development to Business Support Services / Controller.
Founded on the relationship between BC Hydro and Accenture, Accenture Business Services of British Columbia is the first company to offer such a broad range of outsourcing capabilities.
We are devoted to exceptional customer service and currently provide a full suite of "back-office" services to one of the largest utilities in Canada and their over 1.6 million customers.

Westech, technology, business, consulting services.

Westech Information Systems draws on more than 30 years of information technology experience and expertise to provide clients with solutions to complex problems.

Westech provides IT and business consulting services to utilities, government agencies, and medium to large businesses throughout North America.

This additional expertise enables us to continue to provide experienced, innovative, and professional consulting services to clients across North America.

Westech is recognized for achievements in our field by the Canadian Information Processing Society's (CIPS) Annual Innovators in Technology Awards and the Project Management Institute.

We also have the distinction of being ranked in the top one-third of technology companies in Biggest High-Tech Companies in B.C. survey, conducted by Business in Vancouver, and the T-Net Top 100 Technology Companies survey.

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