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Vancouver to Seattle


Vancouver View Magazine

Vancouver View Magazine is a full-color, full-gloss monthly publication providing content that celebrates the lifestyles of various communities within the Vancouver.
Our editorial focuses on living life to the fullest, showcasing the best of Vancouver areas communicating important content to our readers.
Each issue caters to our audience---our readers include active families, sophisticated young professionals, and active seniors who enjoy travel, home improvement, dining, fashion, and outdoor activities.
Our readers expect the very best, and we strive to deliver it to them with each and every issue we publish.
Our stories include features of local importance and relevance---from people to places, dining to decorating---we keep our readers on top of what's new and worthy of their attention.
Vancouver View Magazine features business profiles, travel features, book reviews, health and fitness articles and stories that touch on issues that are directly related to the lives of our readers.
Our goal is to provide our readers with up-to-date articles that not only entertain but also inform.
We feature articles that showcase new products, companies and services, and our departments are consistent, entertaining and casual.

British Columbia Magazine

British Columbia, Columbia Magazine, history, letters, lives, outdoor, editor, delight, surprising, parks, wildlife, travel, exploration, profiles.

For more than 40 years, British Columbia Magazine (formerly Beautiful British Columbia Magazine) has entertained and enlightened its worldwide audience of readers with inspiring profiles of B.C.'s beautiful places, intriguing journeys, and remarkable people.

Editor's Notebook Observations from the editor of British Columbia Magazine.

We reserve the right to edit and condense letters selected for publication.

Echoes The province's colourful history comes alive through the eyes of famous, infamous, and little-known British Columbians who witnessed historic events, lived extraordinary lives, or whose personal observations evoke a singular place in time.

Outdoor Advisor Pick up essential tips and techniques for exploring British Columbia's outdoors.

Car Stuff! The Magazine for Car Enthusiasts

Concepts: car, Gerry Frechette, Paul Stevans, classic car, Motor Sport, reviewing, Club, Porsche Boxster, Local Motor Sport, Pro, race car, born, dirty, indifferent.

Summary: This electronic magazine is dedicated to the car nut...

Keeping up to date on the latest in automotive products and services.

We are happy to have well known writer/photographer Gerry Frechette join our ranks.

Gerry will be reporting on motorsport events, as well as testing and reviewing new vehicles.

Paul has classic cars covered, and sometimes uncovered if he finds a convertible.

Good, bad, or indifferent, lets get down and dirty with car issues that effect us all.

Was he born in a race car?

So you want to buy a classic car?

How to find the right car for you.

Common Ground - About Us

Common Ground, magazine, Publisher, personal growth, health, biggest, business, Responsibility, award, Ethics, advertising enquiries, Toll-free, CANADA, West Broadway Vancouver.

Common Ground's Publisher and Senior Editor, Joseph Roberts, organized Vancouver's first Walk for Peace and helped start Common Ground magazine in 1982.

Witness the successful preservation of the Stoltmann Wilderness, Clayoquot Sound, Stein Valley, Meares Island and Burns Bog, along with support of the Nisga'a treaty, midwifery and naturopathic medicine.

Common Ground sounded early alarms about mad cow disease, fish farms and electromagnetic fields.

The covers of the magazine spotlight local artists and photographers, while its monthly directory is BC's biggest listing of local health and personal growth practitioners.

In November 2002/2003 Common Ground is celebrating its 20th anniversary year.

northword magazine - bc's top read
northwest, Lake, images, environment, magazine, Prince, films, photographer, Hazelton, Smithers, fishing, Canada, economy, community.

stikine---an area beyond improvement author wade davis describes his own paradise.

cover photo: the totem pole in the northern lights was photographed in Gingolx, B.C., by Yuichi Takasaka from Blue Moon Promotions.

Distributed Quarterly, FREE Across Northwest B.C.: Prince George

Northword Magazine is the only independent, regional magazine in the top part of B.C.

Our goal is to connect and promote communities in B.C.'s northwest through printed word and image.

We promise to put a vibrant, human face on northern life with great articles and stunning images, wrapped up in a funky, fresh, graphic look.

Northern BC Horse - all about horses and owners in northern B.C., Canada

horse, riding, shoes, ride, reining, farrier, saddle, soap, pads, equipment, regular, Nicole, marking, arena.

I had originally planned on riding Kari myself, but as you can see, I was too busy to ride much this year!

The show was awesome; Randy is not a horseperson but very observant and he remarked that he really learned a lot watching the reining, it kind of gave him a feel for what we were striving for (unlike watching the small schooling shows around here with all beginner reiners).

I also managed to get him to the Stockmen's arena for the cutting finals Saturday night and some working cow horse on Sunday.

Reasons to shoe during the winter include regular riding, especially if you will be on gravel or in an indoor arena, and if your horse needs shoes year round due to poor hooves or a soundness issue (wedge pads, bar shoes, etc).

About - Mission Statement

Ripe, photographers, Publishing, Ripe Magazine, Art communities, non-fiction writing, BC-based writers, contributor, Design, Advertising, market, exposure, permission, Reproduction.

To provide a forum for BC-based writers & photographers to gain exposure for their work, juxtaposing the theme-based imagery and creative non-fiction writing, and have a good time.

We market RiPE to the Publishing, Advertising, Design, Visual Art communities, and Photography & Writing communities in BC. BC-based writers & photographers at any level in their career are invited to cash in on the opportunity to publish non-fiction writing & photography.

Other similar publications offer marketing and exposure but with a steep cost to the contributor.

RiPE MAGAZiNE only requires $10 per issue to submit.

Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.


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