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Top Biotech Companies In British Columbia
Corporate Profile

paclitaxel, treatments, pharmaceuticals, chronic inflammatory diseases, Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, laboratory, restenosis, anticancer drug, coatings, medical device, Vancouver.

Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a Canadian pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of medical device coatings and treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases through reformulation of the anticancer drug, paclitaxel.

Other medical device programs include paclitaxel-loaded surgical implants for the treatment of restenosis associated with peripheral vascular surgery.

Our laboratory and administrative offices are located in Vancouver, B.C.

We utilize isolated and dedicated laboratory suites totalling over 5,000 square feet for research, development, manufacture and testing of Angiotech's pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical devices.

Angiotech's common shares are listed for trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol "ANPI" and the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "ANP".

Cardiome Pharma Corp. - Corporate Profile

Cardiome, patients, drug, safety, gout, congestive heart failure, therapy, oxypurinol, risks, atrial fibrillation, treatment.

Cardiome has three late stage clinical drug programs focused on atrial arrhythmias, congestive heart failure (CHF), and hyperuricemia (gout).

This unique mechanism of action of RSD1235 combined with supportive preclinical and clinical data suggests that RSD1235 may be able to effectively treat atrial arrhythmia with a high margin of safety.

In a phase II study completed in September in patients with new onset AF (n=56), RSD1235 terminated AF in 61% of patients versus 5% placebo within 30 minutes of the end of infusion (p=0.0003).

Cardiome's lead product in the congestive heart failure area is oxypurinol, a novel therapy in treating the disease.

Chromos Molecular Systems Inc.

Chromos, gene, technology, production, therapies, ACE system, proteins, artificial chromosomes, multiple, technology platform, Agrisoma.

Chromos Molecular Systems Inc. ("CHROMOS"; TSX: CHR) is a public Canadian biotechnology company leading the development of innovative therapies using a proprietary gene delivery and expression system for the production of therapeutic proteins and cell-mediated gene therapies to treat disease.

Chromos is achieving this objective with a unique mammalian chromosome technology platform from which multiple product candidates can be developed.

In 2001, Chromos achieved a major scientific milestone with the development of its second generation technology platform and lead product candidate, The ACE System.

Agrisoma has initiated research into the development of plant artificial chromosomes, holding promise for many business opportunities in agricultural applications and creating increased value for Chromos and its shareholders.

Forbes Medi-Tech Inc. - Corporate Profile - Sun Jan 19, 2003

Forbes, technology, cholesterol-lowering, sterol, commercialization, Pharmaceuticals, strategic partnerships, over-the-counter supplements, functional foods, Prescription Pharmaceuticals, Texas.

Forbes Medi-Tech Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of innovative prescription pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and related diseases.

Forbes' scientific platform is based on core sterol technology.

By extracting plant sterols from wood pulping by-products, Forbes has developed cholesterol-lowering agents used both as pharmaceutical therapeutics and functional food ingredients.

Prescription Pharmaceuticals: Forbes is developing FM-VP4, a prescription therapeutic, for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease through the reduction of cholesterol and, potentially, atherosclerotic plaque.

Forbes is pursuing a common strategy in each of these areas: Competitive advantage through technology: Proprietary technologies provide Forbes with product or process advantages over existing competition.

IND Diagnostic Inc.

Vancouver, Manufacturer, IVD, mission, facility, British Columbia, Council, Science, institutions, website, customers.

We are the only certified Canadian Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of quality IVD test kits and are one of the top IVD manufacturers in the world.

Our company has achieved exemplary growth since inception in 1995 and was rated the second largest biomedical company in Greater Vancouver from 1998-2000 (Business in Vancouver Magazine).

Our corporate offices, research & development and manufacturing activities are located in a modern FDA approved and ISO 9001/13485/EN46001 certified facility in Delta, on the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our Mission: At IND Diagnostic Inc., our mission is to meet and excel in the challenges of the biomedical industry by bringing valuable testing technology that facilitate medical diagnosis and monitor treatment efficacy.

INEX is presenting or attending (or have presented or attended) the following corporate and scientific conferences.

Inflazyme - corporate profile

novel, media player, discovery, clinical trials, product candidates, drug, technologies, inflammatory diseases, therapies, Pharmaceuticals, Inflazyme.

Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a development stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapies to treat serious inflammatory diseases such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Inflazyme's product development portfolio is based on novel, small-molecule product platforms.

Inflazyme's business strategy is to add value to its technologies by developing product candidates through Phase II clinical trials [demonstration of safety and efficacy in man], and then seek corporate partnerships and out-licensing opportunities with large pharmaceutical companies to continue the development and commercialization process.

If you do not have media player on your system, you may download a copy of it free by clicking the Real One graphic to the left.

Kinetek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Corporate Facts - About Kinetek

discover, PI3 kinase pathway, target, cell, Kinetek, compounds, biology, protein, drugs, History, growing biotech regions.

Kinetek's mission is to discover, develop and partner highly effective and selective drugs.

To this end, we target protein kinases and protein phosphatases for optimal therapeutic intervention.

Our current focus is on components of the PI3 kinase pathway.

Kinetek has built a fully integrated discovery process that encompasses biochemistry, cell biology, chemistry and pharmaceutical development to enable it to discover drug targets and lead compounds in an efficient, timely and repeatable manner.

Discovering and developing compounds targeting the PI3 Kinase Pathway which controls biological processes such as: proliferation, migration, adhesion, apoptosis/survival, extravasation, angiogenesis, and the cell cycle.

Kinetek is a privately held company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, one of Canada's fastest growing biotech regions.

Phytogen Life Sciences, Inc.

production, paclitaxel, API, Pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, Europe, patent, facility, drug, strategic alliances, raw materials.

The Company has expertise in the extraction, isolation, purification and production of APIs derived from plants and other natural sources that can then be incorporated into regulated, finished prescription products to be sold by others.

Worldwide sales in 2000 exceeded US$1.6 billion, and the need for paclitaxel is expected to continue to grow as new applications for its use are approved.

To date, Phytogen has established four significant paclitaxel API strategic alliances - one with leading US-based generics manufacturer Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("Mylan"), one with Sinphar Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("Sinphar") based in Taiwan, and two in Europe.

The Company is actively pursuing other global alliances for sale of its paclitaxel API, with particular focus on Europe - the second largest paclitaxel market, next to the US.


cancer, Visudyne therapy, cell, chemotherapy drugs, tariquidar, AMD, countries, launch, QLT, ability, effectiveness.

Visudyne therapy, used to treat the leading cause of blindness in people over 50, is still the most successfully launched ophthalmic product on record.

Visudyne therapy is currently approved in over 60 countries for patients with the 'predominantly classic' form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Among other agreements, we finalized an in-licensing arrangement with Xenova Group plc of the UK to take over development of their compound, tariquidar.

Tariquidar has been shown to effectively eliminate the ability of cancer cells to 'pump out' chemotherapy drugs and thereby inhibit their effectiveness.

Pivotal clinical trials have been launched in non-small cell lung cancer and refractory breast cancer.

What's New

cell, enrichment, separation, stem cells, murine, differentiation, Mesenchymal Stem Cell, MSC, StemCell Technologies, kits, rapid.

EasySep?, our new positive selection system, is now available to complement our spectrum of cell separation products!

RosetteSep? is a rapid and easy cell separation procedure for the isolation of highly purified cells directly from human whole blood.

By popular demand, StemCell Technologies is bringing our hands-on Hematopoietic Progenitor Assays and Cell Separation training courses to Scandinavia.

New Products for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Research StemCell Technologies now offers an expanded product line for both the enrichment, culture and in vitro differentiation of human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC), and for the culture and in vitro differentiation of murine MSC.

ELISA Kits ELISA kits for the detection of both human erythropoietin and human tumor necrosis factor alpha are now available.

Stressgen Biotechnologies Corporation

Stressgen Biotechnologies, diseases, cancer, infection, Stressgen Biotechnologies Corporation, hepatitis, protein, HPV-related diseases, dysplasia, HPV, treatment.

Stressgen Biotechnologies Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company, focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative, proprietary CoVal? fusion therapeutics for the treatment of infectious disease and cancer.

HPV infection can cause genital warts, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, and a variety of cancerous and precancerous conditions including anal dysplasia, cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer.

In June 2002, Stressgen announced a Collaboration Agreement with Roche for the co-development and global commercialization of HspE7, Stressgen's lead product candidate for HPV-related diseases.

In addition to targeting HPV-related diseases, the Company also has a program to evaluate stress protein fusions in hepatitis B, and has initiated research studies to evaluate its heat shock protein technology in the treatment of several other indications such as hepatitis C, herpes and HIV.

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