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sun symbol The Pulp Pollution Primer This guide explains how mills pollute, gives a vision for a sustainable pulp industry, and shows how British Columbia's "Zero AOX" law can help achieve a pulp and paper industry that sustains the environment, healthy communities, and jobs.
This Pulp Pollution Primer explains the basic facts of pulp mill pollution, presents alternatives, and examines industry's resistance to change.
Because chlorine is by far the most common halide present in a pulp mill, the AOX test essentially measures chlorinated organic compounds, also called organochlorines.
This first stage has been successfully accomplished. The second stage requires that there be no organochlorines (Zero AOX) in mill effluent by 2002. pulp, fish. Tackling Non-point Source Water Pollution in BC - Key Components There are many laws, regulations, policies, programs and guidelines for NPS pollution control and prevention, however, implementation and coordination across agencies must be improved to be effective.
Cooperation from other levels of government, particularly local governments, and active participation of industry associations and individual citizens are all essential to ensure successful delivery of this Action Plan.
Developers contemplating works in and around streams, such as construction of a fence or pipeline through a stream, are required to notify BC Environment and Lands offices, to confirm that their site plans and procedures minimize impacts on water quality and fish habitat. Although there are numerous examples of BMPs in British Columbia, their potential value and adoption as tools for preventing NPS pollution may be unrecognized or at least under-used. water, government. INTRODUCTION A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was developed to provide a framework process for carrying out the Demonstration Project through several site-specific P2 pilot projects at facilities in a variety of industrial sectors.
Those activities included commissioning an independent consultant, ICF Kaiser Canada, to conduct research into how other jurisdictions have developed and/or implemented similar P2 planning processes.
In addition, a P2 workshop was held at Royal Roads University in November 1997 bringing together the participants, representatives of government and members of pilot project Public Advisory Committees and others.
It includes a wharf facility for ocean going vessels, storage bins and conveyance systems for raw materials and products, anode paste plant, coke calcining plant, eight electrolytic reduction lines, two casting areas and associated maintenance facilities. Tilbury Cement Limited -- Delta Cement Plant. pilot project, MOU. City of Kamloops - Environment - Pollution In this section, we offer information on pollution sources and suggest ways to minimize our impact on our environment by making small changes, such as using less toxic cleaning products in our homes.
Awesome Alternatives This link offers recipes for home-made household products which are less damaging and less costly than most commercial products.
Education Programs We also offer Environmental Education to interested groups, large and small, children and adults.
Our "Build It and Learn" model is a great tool for learning and teaching about urban run-off. Pollution Solution Newsletter This is a free monthly newsletter with great articles and tips for conserving energy, recycling and other pollution-reducing actions we can take every day. pollution, Education Programs. Alcan Primary Metal - BC - Pollution Prevention Alcan has sought to protect the environment by continually modernizing its facilities, updating its processes, monitoring emissions and discharges, and conducting studies that evaluate any effects of its operations on surrounding airsheds and watersheds.
Our environmental policy requires -- and our employees and members of the community expect -- that our operations will be compatible with the environment.
Alcan's commitment to pollution prevention includes the implementation of a voluntary pollution prevention plan, developed jointly with the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks.
to increase the smelter's efficiency by integrating environmental considerations into the day-to-day operations of Kitimat Works. The PAC is comprised of representatives from municipal, provincial and federal levels of government, First Nations, a local service organization, organized labour, local industry and local and regional community organizations. pollution prevention, PAHs. Georgia Strait Alliance - Pulp Pollution The BC pulp industry has resisted installing the technology required to meet the "Zero AOX" (organochlorine) discharge regulation (due to come into full effect in 2002), arguing that reductions already achieved through process changes are enough.
At the same time the BC government is developing guidelines on land application of pulp mill sludge, which could open a floodgate of up to 50,000 truckloads per year to be spread on farms, forests and Crown land.
Obeying the Zero AOX law by producing Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) pulp and paper could therefore open up new marketplace opportunities for BC mills. A lack of independent testing, combined with funding cuts to the Ministry of Environment, mean that monitoring and enforcement are nearly non-existent in BC. pulp, health. Pull the Plug On Air Pollution,' Penner Tells BC Hydro Victoria -- Residents of the upper Fraser Valley shouldn't have to breathe more pollution just so an American corporation can make more profits, says Barry Penner.
"Air pollution is bad enough already in our area," said Penner.
Chilliwack's MLA has written to the Chairman of BC Hydro, Energy Minister Dan Miller and Environment Minister Joan Sawicki asking questions about a proposed fossil-fuel-burning power plant in Sumas, Washington.
Sumas Energy 2, Inc. ("SE2" for short) wants to connect the 660 megawatt power plant to BC Hydro's grid at Abbotsford. The company admits the project would increase air emissions, but maintains no significant adverse air quality impacts would occur. Penner, air quality.
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