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Vancouver to Seattle


Port Vancouver - Web Cams

: trucks, terminals, staging, reservations.

Outline: BCR Marine Staging - posted July 2, 2002, revised September 26, 2002 To reduce the congestion on the road, the gates at BCR Marine will open at 0630 for truck access.

Marco Containers - posted March 18, 2002 A reminder there is no right turn into the terminal if trucks are staging in the east bound left turn lane.

Deltaport Truck Staging - revised July 2, 2002 (1) ALL trucks with reservations must queue in the first stacking lane after crossing the overpass.

Reservation System Users - posted October 1, 2001 Please ensure you cancel unneeded reservations promptly for the benefit of other carriers and the terminals.

Jericho Beach Webcam, Vancouver, Canada

: Vancouver, Jericho, weather, picture.

Outline: The camera faces north from Jericho Beach in Vancouver.

This picture is updated every 10 minutes during daylight hours.

For further information about the web camera click here.

Current weather information is available at: Jericho Sailing Centre weather and at Point Atkinson.

Other webcam pictures of the Vancouver area are at Kat Kam and at Vancouver Tourist Cams.

The Kat Kam

: cam, camera, Vancouver, webcam.

Outline: The camera will usually face in the direction of the sunset (W/S/W in winter, W/N/W in summer), especially at twilight.

In the western distance is Lighthouse Park and West Vancouver.

February 01, 2003: As we at Telemark Systems particularly celebrate the skies, we send our stunned sympathy to the families, friends and colleagues of the astronauts of space shuttle Columbia on this day of tragedy.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge to full size (640x480).

If you're accessing this from an older or slower computer or modem, you may want to see Kat's Vancouver, BC mini album, for a variety of OLD Kat Kam views including sunsets (with captions).

This web cam site is a hobby and no one gets paid to maintain it.

Ton Ensink's live web camera

: cam, web cam, online, webcam.

Outline: It's pointed inside as well as outside.

There are also historical web cam images available.

Take a look at other Vancouver LIVE CAMS pointed at the Burrard Bridge, just a few blocks away from this web cam.

GSAB Parking Lot at UBC

: parking, GSAB, Wesbrook Mall, Access Control Services.

Outline: This real-time still image will automatically update in seconds.

This is the view of the parking lot on the north side of GSAB.

[email protected] URL: Copyright © 1999-2002 All rights reserved.

A&A Bordercams

: border, second update, Customs, Border Crossing.

Outline: Canada Customs and Revenue Agency have put up a list of approximate border wait times.

You can access it by clicking here.

US Customs have also put up a list of approximate border wait times.

You can access it by clicking here.

© Copyright, A&A Contract Customs Brokers Ltd.

All rights reserved, no portion of this document, site or page may be reproduced, used or relied upon without our prior written consent.

White Rock Beach Cam - Large Image

: White Rock, White Rock Beach, picture, Normal Image.

SFU- University Drive North

: camera, west-northwest, Burnaby, University Drive North.

Outline: This is the view from the seventh floor of the Library at the Burnaby campus of SFU.

The camera presently faces west-northwest along University Drive North and shows the roadway, with the West Mall Complex on the left and the service station across the road among the trees.

In the far distance you can often see North and West Vancouver and the north shore mountains.The yellow overlay in this image shows the camera's location and approximate field of view.

Bluenose WebCam #3

: picture, Webcam, bridge, camera.

Outline: The camera is currently focused on the Port Mann Bridge, approx.

An image is captured every 30 minutes ...

During the winter "rainy season" and in summertime haze or smog, it is sometimes difficult to get a clear picture of the bridge.

Browsing the past 24 hours (below) can often produce a good view.

Image is 640x480 pixels at full size.

Click Here to snap your own live picture!

Browse the last 24 hours of stored images from WebCam #3 ...

Clickable thumbnail pictures are shown for your convenience.

Click Here to view a few pictures from the Webcam #3 archive.

West Vancouver - official community web site

: West Vancouver, intersection, camera, Conway.

Outline: Your comments and suggestions have helped raise awareness about traffic issues in this community and we look forward to hearing more.

Please continue to write us with your comments and tell us how much you like this camera and how much you want to keep it.

The WEST VANCOUVER TRAFFIC CAM is located in West Vancouver and points north towards the British Properties, Taylor Way hill and Park Royal North.

The camera was first placed here to help motorists heading for the Lions Gate Bridge via the West Vancouver onramp.

Horseshoe Bay ferry traffic is also channelled through this intersection.

Intersection congestion is very easy to see.

Bluenose WebCam #1

: picture, images, camera, Webcam.

Outline: The camera is currently looking east, up the Fraser River Valley toward the Coast Range mountains.

Browse the last 24 hours of stored images from WebCam #1 ...

Clickable thumbnail pictures are shown for your convenience.

Test images taken with the old vidicon camera during March 1998 ...

Images taken with the new CCD camera beginning April 1998 ...

definitely no snowcapped mountains on the horizon!

no smog this time, just low clouds.

Evening sunlight illuminating the Port Mann Bridge.

(yes, it really did look like this!). An un-retouched picture of what looks like some sort of flying white creature ... (thanks to Ryan Palsgaard for bringing this to my attention).

Vancouver Aquarium Beluga Cam

: calf, Aurora, animal care staff, mother.

Outline: Catch a peek into the Arctic Canada habitat to see new mom Aurora and her calf!

The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre is pleased to announce that Aurora, a 14-year old beluga whale, gave birth to a male calf at 6:40 p.m., on Saturday, July 20th, 2002.

The calf and mother are doing well, and will remain under 24-hour observation by the Aquarium's veterinary and animal care staff.

Earth View

: map, John Walker, Viewer Details Credits, Moon Viewer Details.

Outline: Click in image to pan or here to zoom in, out, show the world map, or the hemisphere centred on this location.

Satellite data provided by The Living Earth® Inc./Earth Imaging © 1996, All Rights Reserved.

Outline: Welcome to the our Online Demo page.

We specialize in digital video streaming technologies, remote video monitoring, digital video recording, video advertisement technologies, video on demand systems and videoconferencing solutions.

Our video solutions are capable of serving 1 from one user to an unlimited number of users....please select from the available LIVE audio and video streams below.

Call us today, let us help you with your digital video needs!

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